Free Outside Events for Houston and Dallas Moms

By Brooke Drake, October 16, 2009, Charity & Community, News

As a stay at home mom in Houston, I am always looking for things to do that can get us out of the house. Like a lot of people, we’re on a budget so I mainly look for events that are inexpensive or even better, free. Some things that we’ve started taking advantage of are all the free events offered at Discovery Green. If you haven’t seen or heard, Discovery Green is a 12-acre park located in downtown Houston. What’s so great about it is there are so many things to do there that appeal to families and individuals. There’s a one-acre lake where you can rent remote control boats and in the winter they freeze it so you can go ice skating. There is also a children’s playground with water fountains that kids can run through which is nice during our freakishly hot summers. They have fenced in dog runs for large and small dogs and two great restaurants, The Grove (an upscale restaurant with good food – from what I’ve heard) and The Lake House (which is also good, mainly burgers and fries). The thing that I like the best is the Thursday night concert series in the park. My husband and I love going because it gets us out of the house, and we’re able to bring our little one and the dog. Plus you can bring food and drinks (you can’t bring alcohol but they do sell beer) and can sit enjoy some great music – all for free. If live music isn’t your thing, they offer yoga and Pilates classes (all outside) and they just started offering open workout classes for kids – all free as well. You can check out their website at to see a list of all the upcoming classes and events.

For families in the Dallas area, I found a neat website that lists different activities and events taking place around the various parks in Dallas. Some of the events and classes cost money while there are others offered for free. There are things like power walking groups, pre-school sports and Movie nights in the park (which is something I always wanted to go to). It seems like there is something for everyone. With the weather starting to get cooler, these look like some great reasons to get out of the house and enjoy time with your family and friends.  Click here to see the list of upcoming events.

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