Is Fall a Good Time to Switch Electricity Providers?

By energy_linguist, October 5, 2009, Save Money

A valid question that most of us would struggle with balancing the pros and realities from the cons and myths: Should I switch electricity providers during the fall months? It's a difficult subject to tackle, considering the colder winter months just around the bend will mean higher demand, and depending on the natural gas market and other factors, lower rates now could see increases in just a few short months.

So why switch now? Certainly, if you have a fixed rate plan currently and are comfortable with the price you are paying, that security may pull you through the winter with peace of mind intact. But it's worth exploring other options now for a few simple reasons:

  • I went straight to the source (PUCT) to determine some of the averages
    and rates out there. Here we are just entering the month of October,
    and many Texas REPs are offering intro rates that hover below 10.0
    cents per kWh, including Bounce Energy.
  • If you can take advantage of lower prices now before the colder months approach, and
    natural gas prices potentially increase and subsequently affect electricity rates in Texas, then you could lock in a even lower rate than you're currently enjoying.
  • REPs may increase their push for new business in the months between high summer and winter demand, which only benefits you, the customer, by offering more incentives to switch providers.
  • Doesn't cost you a dime to explore switching, nor are there fees associated with switching unless you are currently in a fixed plan.

There are no guarantees that low prices will last, but in hindsight, it may be quite worth your time to explore other options at the cusp of winter prices and see if switching electricity providers ahead of the curve could save you more over the next 3+ months.

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