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Moving boxes

Move Season: D.I.Y or Hire a Mover?

Preparing to move is no easy task. As we move toward the first of April and the onset of Spring, move season is becoming an all-too-quick reality for many of us. The biggest hurdle you'll face right off the bat is whether to go it alone or go through the often scary and fina [...]

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Green Cleaning

Perhaps the green alternative to the original cleaning products might hurt us financially, there is good news people! DIY or make it yourself. There are certain household items that make superb cleaners. I found a site that mentions a couple of these items and then offers a [...]

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Always Read the Fine Print: Comparing Bounce Rewards with Reliant Energy

Our family has been a happy Bounce Energy customer since their inception (in fact we were the 2nd customer to sign up!).  We have always enjoyed reliable service, great customer service, and several perks from the customer rewards program. Needless to say, we are very loyal [...]

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Bounce Energy

Happy St. Patty’s

Just an FYI, be on the lookout for our "green" campaign later this week (in honor of the upcoming 40th anniversary of Earth Day). [...]

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Green Plants for Green Living

In a major décor search for my new apartment I have run across tons of ideas. One of the most interesting and probably simplest ideas is to buy green plants! Not only does this bring a nature-friendly look to your home but it can also avoid possible cold symptoms, something [...]

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March and Your Texas Electricity Bill

Winter has been colder in Texas this year on average. February temperatures averaged 4 degrees lower than normal with morning lows in the 30's or colder. Dallas/Ft. Worth was hit by a massive snow storm. Houston and Galveston recorded the 5th coldest February on record. S [...]

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