Green Plants for Green Living

By Eliza, March 15, 2010, Energy Efficiency, Green

In a major décor search for my new apartment I have run across tons of ideas. One of the most interesting and probably simplest ideas is to buy green plants! Not only does this bring a nature-friendly look to your home but it can also avoid possible cold symptoms, something which no frame could ever achieve.

I looked into this plant idea a bit more to find out how it can avoid common symptoms like, headache, eye and nose irritation, breathing problems and nausea. The studies were done by NASA and resulted that certain plants remove and filter certain pollutants in the air which cause us to suffer from these undesirable things such as, formalydehyde (found in some wood furniture) and xylene (found in paint and dyes).

Some of the most popular plant choices consist of: the Chinese evergreen, English Ivy and Boston fern. Be sure to note what amount of sunlight and watering these plants need and what location in the household is most suitable for each. I know that this will be something I will invest in seeing as having plants in the house also promotes nice oxygen flow. Plants away!

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  2. boston fern says:

    […] not difficult to care for, but its needs are very specific. The plant prefers a cool environment …Bounce Energy Blog Green Plants for Green Livingusing plants to be green and for decor … popular plant choices consist of: the Chinese evergreen, […]

  3. Learning more about ‘green’ living can help us become more practical and helpful to the environment. As others go for plants, there are those who can still contribute even in our own simple ways – recycling or shredding paper documents, reusing plastic items and/or opting for eco-friendly products when shopping. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on green living and I do hope that more people will come to realize that the time to fight climate change and global warming is now.