March and Your Texas Electricity Bill

By Bouncey, March 2, 2010, Energy Efficiency, FAQs, News

Winter has been colder in Texas this year on average. February temperatures averaged 4 degrees lower than normal with morning lows in the 30’s or colder. Dallas/Ft. Worth was hit by a massive snow storm. Houston and Galveston recorded the 5th coldest February on record.

So, when your electric bill arrives in March, you’ll see you’ve been using more energy heat your home through some of the harshest February-weather in Texas history. Fortunately, customer bills won’t be as high as those for December and January when it was colder and not to mention February is the shortest month of the year, so customers will see some relief there.

We’ve been looking ahead. Weather experts predict March will start off with colder than average weather — like February. However, milder temperatures are expected on average, warming as the month passes. Ultimately, it should be more comfortable by the end of the month.

Apart from welcoming back the warmth, people will also be using less energy to heat their homes and water heaters.  Your electric bill will accordingly decrease noticeably.

In the meantime, you can save energy by weatherproofing and insulating your home. Caulking, air sealing and weatherproofing your home makes a big difference no matter what season it is.

On a larger industrial scale, spring is also when natural gas prices are at their annual low. Why? Because of the lower demand for electricity will allow utilities to burn less natural gas. Amounts of natural gas in storage will rise and decrease prices. This lull usually lasts until mid-June when the summer cooling season drives up electricity demand. Customers on a variable rate plans could even see their rate per kilowatt hour decrease.

No one likes unexpectedly high bills. Arming yourself with the knowledge of “why”, you can manage your bills, make your home save energy year round, and save money with Bounce Energy.

Now those are savings that really pay off.

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  1. No matter what month of the year, it is always important for us to save energy as it helps us minimize our expenses from the Texas Electric Companies monthly bills. You cannot tell if March is always the time when you spend the most energy, so just to be certain, conserving energy must be done every day.