5 Tips to Be Green in the Office

By Eliza, April 29, 2010, Energy Efficiency, Green

Below you will find several tips on how to greenify your workplace:

  1. For most of us, the main tool in our working day is our computer. It is important to remember to change your energy settings to the shut down mode when you are done for the day. If you have a power strip with an ON/OFF switch make sure to turn it off because if not it will continue to run the power.
  2. Another way to become greener is to try to find another way to get to work. It is suggested to try carpooling, taking metros or subways, riding bike and simply walking. It is scary to think that 47 hours every year we spend them in rush hour traffic.
  3. Working from home is the next green tip. Video conferencing along with some other new gadgets are all part of the new age of work known as telecommunication. More and more people are staying home and setting up their workplace there in order to save on gas and time commuting through traffic. Also even at my university in the summer they switch from at 5 day 8 hour schedule to a 4 day 10 hour schedule.
  4. As far as office supplies are concerned it is important to look out for recycled paper and envelopes. Also when it comes to pens, you are better off buying refillable pens that disposable ones.
  5. Lastly, bring your lunch in reusable containers; it is both green and healthy! If you do happen to order take out or delivery try to place a large order so that there is not a huge amount of packaging. Be sure to use reusable utensil, plates, and mugs as well.



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