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By Brooke Drake, April 28, 2010, News

With so many toys out there for young children, I wanted to find some that are entertaining yet not harmful to Mother Earth.  After looking around, I found some top “green” toys that are fun, safe and educational too.

Toddler age

  • Stacking Tree – This colorful toy is a new and greener version of the good ole’ toy stacking ring. It comes with eight pieces of vibrantly colored wood with different shades of water-based green dye. You can sort them by color or size and then stack them any way you want. This toy gives your toddler the ability to put things into to pairs and patterns as she builds her tree, which can help develop vision, intelligence and eye-hand coordination. (Plan Toys, $23.99) Click here to purchase.
  • Mini Garbage Truck – The next time your child asks for a toy truck, try making a greener choice with Plan Toys’ bright green recycling truck. This durable little truck has a bin that can actually be filled and dumped, like the real thing, and has the universal recycling symbol on the side. It is made out of rubberwood trees (quick fact on rubberwood trees, they can no longer produce latex which reduces waste and saves energy during the manufacturing process) and colored with a water-based dye that makes it very eco-friendly and toxin-proof. (Plan Toys, $16.88) Click here to purchase.

Mini Garbage Truck by Plan Toys

Preschool age

  • Dino Rig – If you have a child starting to show interest in dinosaurs, then this may be the toy for him. This dino-set includes a mother and baby dinosaur, an adventure guide and adventure truck.  Each piece is made of an eco-friendly material called sprigwood (which is a mix of recycled plastic and reclaimed sawdust). This set is made for inside and outside play and best of all – no batteries required. (Sprig, $24.99) Click here to purchase.

Tea Set by Green Toys

Elementary Age

  • Bag of Blooms Butterfly Garden Kit – This kit contains everything your child will need to grow a colorful butterfly garden. Gardening can teach your children to appreciate nature and their responsibility to protect it. Another bonus is a portion of the proceeds go to organizations that fund research for breast cancer and autism. (Blooms for a Cause,  $7.99) Click here to purchase.
  • Canvas Storybook – This kit seems like it could bring out the creativity in any child! It contains an eco-friendly cloth book, acrylic paints, hand-dyed fabrics, ribbons, and glass and wood beads. All these items are included to help inspire kids to create their own stories and illustrations. Going green never seemed so fun! (Artterro, $22.99) Click here to purchase.

Bag of Blooms by Blooms for a Cause

The listed items above were gathered from an online article called Top Green Toys for Earth Day 2010. Click here to view the article in its entirety.

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