Summer Green Tips

By Eliza, April 29, 2010, Energy Efficiency, Green

  1. Take advantage of the sunny weather and make a trip out to your local park to engage in some environmentally friendly activities. You can also check out any specials available for admission to the zoo, play some volleyball at the beach or even catch a baseball game.
  2. Buy food locally. This is one thing that my roommate and I are trying to start doing. Shopping at these small markets ensures the freshness and ultimately better quality of the vegetable or fruit you will be consuming.
  3. Be sure to use reusable plates for those summertime BBQs and other events. It is suggested that if you must use disposable plates to use the compostable kinds.
  4. Water use rises during the summertime so be sure to only water plants only when they need it. Another way of avoiding water waste is installing a low flow showerhead.
  5. And lastly, we know everyone BBQs, go ahead and pick up a propane burner instead of charcoal briquettes.
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  1. Vernon says:

    Hmm….beg to differ with you on propane vs charcoal. If you take into the account the total energy required to obtain, liquify, and package (steel bottle) propane then charcoal comes out a whole lot greener (and better tasting) than propane.

    Of course, convenience is no-brainer. cheers. —Vernon