Top 3 Eco-Friendly Office Buys

By energy_linguist, April 21, 2010, Green

Green officeThink green … and please ignore the giant ape sitting at your desk (no relation to this blog, just felt right ok?)

Sticking with the green motif leading up to Earth Day 2010, I’ve perused the great WWW for some hot green buys that’ll make your office space a more eco-friendly space. Some you may already know the product names quite well. Some will surprise you at just how green they really are (Apple enthusiasts can stop smirking now). Some will fall under the “um … huh?” category.

So without further discussion and hemming and hawing (that’s right, that just happened), I give unto thee, Energy_Enthusiast’s Top 3 eco-friendly office buys:

  1. The XO Laptop (also known as the $100 Laptop) for emerging nations is low cost, power efficient, built-in wireless and more. Donate to a child in need and buy one for yourself at the same time, this is easily the greenest laptop on the planet.
  2. Think Chair from Steelecase – 99% recyclable, enough said.
  3. LEDtronics – Not a product specifically, but with tube lights, architectural LED lighting and more, LEDtronics provides one of the most comprehensive green lighting lines around. (Also check Here for more products via Planet Green)
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