Eco-friendly Candles

By Eliza, August 11, 2010, Green

When I first moved into my apartment I knew I wanted to decorate with candles. But with such an overwhelming selection to choose from I decided to do some research. There were regular, wax candles that cost a couple bucks and smelled great and there were some pricier ones that kept advertising that they were soy or organic candles. So I made my decision after a couple hours on the web and this is what I had found:

  • Beeswax: These candles are nontoxic, non-allergenic, soot-free, and are naturally scented. These candles last longer than petro-based paraffin candles which although cheaper are harmful.
  • Soy: These candles are soybean-wax based. They are soot-free, biodegradable, and usually vegan. Soy candles don’t necessarily have the loveliest of smells but they do burn for up to 50% more than paraffin candles.
  • Palm oil: Palm oil wax comes from coconuts. They have a long lasting burn and are also a better option than paraffin.

Read the label once you pick one of the candles and make sure that it is 100% paraffin free and does not contain lead which is harmful as well. Knowing all this when I went back to the store I picked out exactly what I wanted according to what was that best for my health and surroundings.

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