Restaurants Going Green?

By Brooke Drake, September 13, 2010, Green, News

With all this talk about going green, I’m glad to see the movement carry over to the restaurant industry. Fast-food chains such as McDonald’s have taken initiatives to cut back on waste and other environmentally harmful practices, while local dining establishments are finding ways to infuse green practices into their business and cooking.  More and more restaurants are creating sustainable menus with a farm-to-table approach; using local, organic, quality ingredients.  The results are inspiring dishes that a diner can feel good about, in their head and tummy.

In addition to taking on environmentally friendly practices, some green restaurants have taken a further step to become certified by The Green Restaurant Association (GRA).  The GRA is a national non-profit organization that provides a convenient and cost effective way for restaurants and other food related companies to become more environmentally responsible.  They have a set criteria that restaurants need to adhere in order to become certified, such as waste reduction, water efficiency, sustainable food, etc.

Here is a list of green restaurants around town.  Bon appetite!

River Oaks
2311 West Alabama
Houston, Texas 77098

801 Town & Country Blvd., 1B
Houston, Texas 77024

“Ruggles Green is Green Restaurant Certified by the Green Restaurant Association. We offer delicious menu items that incorporate organic, all-natural, hormone-free, preservative-free, products that are always delicious. We strive to preserve the environment through our actions in recycling, conservation, the use of sustainable products, and simple common sense.”

1611 Lamar
Houston, Texas 77010

“The restaurant also happens to be among the most eco-friendly places in all of Houston. Not only is The Grove home to its very own second floor herb and tomato garden, but it also uses eco-friendly materials made from corn, sugarcane or coconut fiber; recycles all paper, cans, plastics, glass and cardboard within its walls; and sustains a compost pile from the unused produce on land near the park; and only utilizes compostable trash and kitchen bags.”

HAVEN (LEED certified)
2502 Algerian Way
Houston, Texas 77098

“Using the freshest, local ingredients, Chef Randy Evans creates a menu described as Texas Regional cuisine; food that reflects the flavors of the Lone Star state. “

3701 Travis
Houston, TX 77002

“At her celebrated Houston restaurant, t’afia, Monica Pope does exactly that: create daily menus from what is in season from local farmers and ranchers.  Ninety percent of the creative effort is already done by the farmer, cultivating and harvesting (at the right time) the food that grows well where you live. “

6047 Lewis Street
Dallas, TX 75206

“York Street’s menu changes daily, reflecting the seasons and the availability of the freshest ingredients from small, owner-operated suppliers. Supporting sustainable, responsibly raised food lies at the heart of what we do best.”

2400 Allen St.
Dallas, TX 75204

“We are doing our best to create a positive impact on the environment here at State & Allen – from using compostable and recyclable “Ecotainer” takeout containers, to reducing waste and becoming more energy-efficient, to participating in ecological projects, causes, and events.”

1921 Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

“The menu features an eclectic and seasonal offering by Executive Chef Marc Cassel. Park’s team of talented and committed chefs strive to use local, sustainable & organic products wherever possible and maintain a made-from-scratch kitchen ethos to ensure the freshest of ingredients.”

4503 W. Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX 75206

“We strive to become a leader in the Dallas environmental movement by supporting local farmers and vendors and by taking conscious measures to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to giving back to the community which has supported us since 1971.”

*Certified by the Green Restaurant Association

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