What’s a Good Rewards Program Worth? Why Bounce Energy has the Best Electricity Rewards Program in Texas.

By Eliza, October 19, 2010, Save Money, Special Offers

So your local supermarket has a sale on certain products. As a college student I know I looooove these sales: 2 buy 1 get 1 free, 2 for $5, etc. But have you really looked into the actual dollar value of these sales. We become so consumed by the simple phrase that we forget to calculate whether it really is such a great deal.

Let us take Bounce Energy’s Rewards program and figure out how much you can be rewarded when when you pay your bills on-time:

Months of on time bill pay Reward Monetary Value (approximately)
6 2 free movie tickets OR

Free companion airfare



12 Bill credit $75
18 2 free movie tickets OR

Starbucks gift card



24 Free month of electricity $100-$200
30 5% off each future bill $5-$10 per bill

So, if your bill is generally around $100/month, from a monetary standpoint and depending on what you select, you could receive incentives worth $210 on the low end for the 1st 24 months of service (if you selected movie tickets and a Starbucks gift card). On the high end, if you choose the companion airfare ticket, your incentives could be worth as much as $500. And lastly, the real kicker, once you become a Platinum Customer with 30 months of on-time payments, you begin earning 3% off each bill. That means there’s actually no limit to how much you can save on your bill.

Plus, don’t forget about the Refer-a-Friend program. I consider this to be a reward because each time you refer a friend and they join, you receive $50 bill credit and so does your friend! It’s definitely a win-win situation!

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