5 Tips to Save Energy During the Winter

By Brooke Drake, November 19, 2010, Energy Efficiency

Houston has finally received cooler weather.  Never mind the fact that it is now the  middle of November and those up North have already had snow and been through blizzards, but who am I to complain. So we we start to gear up for the change in weather, and before you crank on the heater, check out these free/inexpensive tips to keep your home warm during these cooler months while keeping your energy/gas usage low.

  1. Cover drafty windows.  You can do this by using either a durable clear plastic sheet or by taping a clear plastic film to the inside of the window frame. Be sure that the plastic is sealed tightly to the frame.  This may not have the best curb appeal, but it should do the trick.
  2. Be mindful of your fireplace. Unless, you are using your fireplace, make sure to keep the damper closed. Keeping the damper open is just like keeping a window open, which allows for warm air to escape.
  3. Apply a kitchen exhaust fan cover.  This can keep air from leaking out when the fan isn’t in use.  These are typically attached by magnets which make it easy to remove or replace.
  4. Use ceiling fans.  These really are useful all year around. In the cooler months, if you’re fan has a reverse switch (little rectangle switch at the top of the fan), flip it which will reverse the direction of the blades and click it to the lowest setting. This reverse direction helps move heat down without using much energy.
  5. Maintain your heating system.  Before you turn it on, have your furnace serviced. Not only will it work more efficiently, but you’ll feel safer knowing it’s not flammable or leaking any poisonous fumes before turning it on.

If you tend to use heating appliances around your home during the winter time, be sure to read about the Top 10 Power Hogs in the Winter for more tips on how to save on your electricity bill during the cooler months.

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