Energy Myths Unveiled

By Eliza, November 10, 2010, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

It’s time to clean up the “he said, she said” mess of energy. Here are some common myths with the real truth:

1. When an appliance is turned off, it is off.

Not the case, studies have found that when appliances from TVs to toaster ovens are switched off, they are still using some power if not the same power they need to function when turned on. Go ahead and unplug those appliances that are easier to just unplug and plug in again to save on some energy costs.

2. Electric heaters will help reduce energy bill.

This is only the case in certain situations. If you have central heating, room heaters will definitely save you money on your electricity bill. If you have central gas heating, this will probably save you the most money for the most useful heat.

3. Halogen lighting is super efficient.

Although halogen lighting uses less energy than incandescent lights, fluorescent lights are the way to go. Fluorescent lighting is up to 3 times more energy efficient than halogen lights.

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Comments (2)


  1. Brooke says:

    These are great tips. Good to know about central gas heating!

  2. Vernon says:

    halogen lights put out almost as much heat as light. So, yes to using CFL’s!