Texas Fall Plants

By Eliza, November 17, 2010, Green

If gardening is your obsession or newest hobby, fall is an ideal time to revamp that garden with the plant beauties Texas has to offer during this season. Once most of the prep work for the garden, including a good clean and some fresh new soil, you can head out to a nearby nursery to pick up some fall favorites.

Chrysanthemums are beautiful fall flowers that really bring out the fall color and can be used in indoor and outdoor arrangements. Calendulas are a flower that will result as a good investment considering the fact that they last from fall till spring. Calendulas also provide home remedies for bacterial infections and are edible, try throwing some in your rice, soups, or salads for a peppery taste.

Be sure to do some research on the plants you wish to purchase to get the most out of them.

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