LED Lights This Holiday

By Eliza, December 15, 2010, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

LED lights have recently been gaining some fame because of their energy efficient ways. Besides being energy efficient, they are also safer and environmentally friendly. LED lights although not brighter than incandescent will save you about $10 for every 300 hours lit and saving 3-33% energy. You will get almost 100,000 hours out of these lights!

Last year there were about 14 deaths due to indoor tree fires. LED lights are safe in that they do not get hot, so there will be no need to worry about tree fires this year. Another advantage to the bulbs not getting hot is that it will not dry out the tree either. The LED lights are also environmentally friendly. The color that is emitted from the bulb is not harmful seeing that they are colored because of the light spectrum.

You can purchase LED lights at Home Depot, Target, or Walmart. They may cost some dollars more than the other lights but they will last you up to 10 years!

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