Earn American Express Points When You Pay Your Bounce Energy Bill

By Brooke Drake, January 7, 2011, News

Let’s be honest, paying bills isn’t fun.  It’s very necessary but definitely not the most exciting thing in the world.  Nowadays, some companies are trying to combat that negative feeling by providing rewards programs to its customers.  Yes, it doesn’t change the excitement level of bill paying, but the benefit of receiving rewards such as free bill credits, airfare and more can provide some great satisfaction.

Now, when you pay your Bounce Energy bill with your American Express (AMEX) card you can earn double rewards!  You will earn AMEX points AND rewards through the Bounce Energy Rewards Program.  Every customer who signs up with a Bounce Energy plan is automatically enrolled in the Bounce Energy Rewards Program.  Just be sure to pay your bill on time each month with your AMEX card and you can receive rewards like bill credits, airline incentives, and more from the Bounce Energy Rewards Program and redeem AMEX points for items in the American Express Membership Rewards Program.  In addition, unlike other electricity providers, Bounce Energy doesn’t charge you for making online payments with your American Express card (or any other card).  So click here for more information on the Bounce Energy/American Express double rewards and start earning your double rewards today!

Please note: American Express (AMEX) points are separate from the Bounce Energy Rewards Program and can only be redeemed through the American Express Rewards Program.

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