New Years Resolutions- Save Energy and Money

By Eliza, January 19, 2011, Energy Efficiency, Green, Save Money

The New Year has come around and your resolution is to save energy, save money, and be a better person! Ok, so let me help you with what does not perhaps require a shrink… saving energy and money. These two are a piece of cake compared to the latter. It is completely realistic to save this year but you must have the will and determination to do so and instead of a once in a while thing, it will become a habit. Out of the articles written on our FrugalBabble blog, I have taken 5 to applies to saving money and being green and give you some ideas on things that could help you with your resolution! You will notice one main theme in all of these… GREEN.

1.  Five Green Items for Less- This blog mentions 5 items that are saving people time, money, and energy, things are vital to us all. Ecopods clothes washer shock absorbers, Mohawk Greenworks carpet lining, Sensor Plug automatic light switch, Nature’s Legacy home furnishings, and PowerGorilla Portable Laptop charger are the ones mentioned. All of these gadgets save energy and spending one way or the other. So this year aim for those energy efficient products that although costs a couple more dollars are money and energy savers in the long run.

2. “Green” Shopping totes- This year hand over those shopping totes to the bag boy when he asks you “paper or plastic?” Ugh! Both are green sins to society. Some stores will even give you a discount or a few dollars off for using the totes. Fewer bags to be keeping or throwing away and more trees in our planet.

3. Save When You Clean That Mess with Washcloths- This couple does not have paper towels in their household. What a concept! I am impressed and inspired to do the same. Instead, they have old t-shirts and towels that they have transformed into their “cleanup” go-tos. Instead of drying and cleaning with paper towels they reuse that which they do have. I myself just added this to my list of resolutions.

4. Houston Area Food Co-Ops- I was not aware of this food system/organization, so here is the gist of it. These are local farms that sell to their members (who pay a fee) and receive food at discounted and sale price. Sometimes I get a bit skeptical of where and what has my produce, poultry, and meat come from. Being part of the Co-Op is assurance that what you are getting are quality items directly from the producer at a discounted rate. Definitely something I’ll be looking into.

5. 3 Common Expenses That Can Kill Your Budget- So now that we have covered some green and money saving options to shoot for this year, it is time to just review some basics that we tend to forget about. Spending money on coffee is the first item that we can cut. Instead of eating out lunch every day, cut back to a couple days a week and then down to one. Begin to prepare your lunch at home and go out to the park or somewhere pleasant to enjoy your food so that you experience the “going out to lunch” feeling. And lastly, cut back on the alcohol. Anyways, too much alcohol is not good for you, so do not even spend too much on it. But I do understand that it is a common outing for most of us to go to a bar. If so, go to a bar that has deals or make the most out of the Happy Hours around town that offer great bargains.

I hope that this summary has provided you with some insights into how all of us can save money and energy but just making some adjustments to our lifestyle this year. For even more money saving tips, visit Bounce Energy’s FrugalBabble Blog.

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  1. Brooke says:

    We stopped using paper towels and started using washcloths and it worked! We’re saving money because we’re not buying as many paper towels plus we’re helping the environment. Thanks for the tip!