Dallas / Ft. Worth Electricity Rate Update – 2/15/2011

By Brooke Drake, February 15, 2011, News

For those of you in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Bounce Energy has some deals for you! With low competitive Texas electricity rates and plans, excellent customer satisfaction and customer rewards too, you are sure to see why Bounce Energy is the company for you.  Here is some information to help you understand the types of plans and rates that Bounce Energy has to offer for the Dallas and Fort Worth area:

Month-to-Month Plans
The first type of Texas electricity plan is called a month-to-month plan. These plans have no binding contracts and the rate can go up or down depending on the changes in the energy market.  The benefit to a month-to-month plan is anytime energy prices fall so does your energy rate and your energy bill. However, just as the rates can fall, they can also increase too so you need to be mindful of where you’re rate is each month.

  • Thrifty Saver Introduction – 7.9¢/kWh. Bounce Energy is offering this super low, month-to-month introductory rate as a welcome for choosing Bounce Energy. With this plan, there is no contract and no termination fee. (After your first billing period, you will be moved to the standard Thrifty Saver Plan, which has a competitive rate too and allows you to continue to earn valuable rewards.)
  • Smart Saver – 10.4¢/kWh. There is no limit to how much this rate can decrease but has a 10% cap on increases monthly for your protection. Also with this plan there is no termination fee or contract.
  • Express Move – 11.1¢/kWh. This plan is beneficial to someone who is moving to a city somewhere within Texas (that has electric choice) because you can sign up to receive a low rate plus Bounce Energy will provide five free moving services. In addition you will receive a $25 gift card to Walmart or Home Depot.

Fixed rate plans
The second type of Texas energy plan is a fixed rate plan. With these plans, you sign a contract for a certain amount of months (number of months is specified in the plan), which has one rate that stays the same for the length of your contract. The benefit to this type of plan is it allows you to be certain of your price each month. This is useful for maintaining a budget and it protects you from the potential of increasing energy prices. However, if energy prices fall, you’ll have to wait until the end of your contract to switch to a lower rate.

  • Fantastic Fixed 6 – 9.9¢/kWh. Looking to give Bounce Energy a try, sign up for this short term plan and get a low constant rate for six months.
  • Nifty 9 – 9.8¢/kWh. This plan is perfect for students or anyone else looking for a 9 month contract. With this plan you are locked into one low rate so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your bill won’t fluctuate.
  • Terrific 12 – 9.5¢/kWh. Lock in a super low rate for 12 months with this fixed rate plan. Plus you can earn a $75 bill credit after you 12th month of on-time bill payments.
  • Amazing 18 – 9.7¢/kWh. If you’re looking to lock in a low rate for longer than 12 months but not for as long as two years, this plan is for you. With this plan, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating energy prices for 18 months plus you’ll be rewarded for on-time bill payments through the Bounce Energy Rewards Program.
  • Tremendous 24 – 9.6¢/kWh. Don’t worry about your electric rate for the next two years with Tremendous 24 you’ll have one low rate for 24 months. In addition with this plan, you’ll receive a FREE month of electricity after paying your bill on-time for 24 consecutive months.

Green Plans
The third type of plan Bounce Energy offers is a green plan. With these plans, your energy comes from clean, renewable (naturally replenished) sources like wind, solar and geothermal instead of the conventional routes via oil, coal, natural gas or nuclear power plants.

  • Smart Green – 10.6¢/kWh. Power your home with 100% clean energy with this month to month plan. No term fees or contracts with this plan.
  • Blue Sky Fixed 6 – 10.3¢/kWh. Looking to make the switch to Green energy? Try this plan out and lock in a low rate for six months that is 100% powered by 100% clean energy.
  • Blue Sky Fixed 12 – 9.9¢/kWh. Looking to lighten your impact on the environment? Then look at this is 100% green plan that locks in a low rate for 12 months.

In addition to low rates, Bounce Energy offers a special Rewards Program. Customers who sign up for any Bounce Energy electricity plan are automatically enrolled in the program. You can earn the following rewards just for paying your bill on-time:

  • 6 consecutive on-time bill payments – your choice of movie tickets OR free companion airfare
  • 12 consecutive on-time bill payments – $75 bill credit
  • 18 consecutive on-time bill payments – your choice of movie tickets OR a Starbucks gift card
  • 24 consecutive on-time bill payments – a FREE month of electricity
  • 30 consecutive on-time bill payments – you’ll be granted Platinum status where you receive a 3% discount on all future bills (when you pay on-time)

*All rates are as of 02/15/11 and are based on a 1,000 kWh usage in the Oncor service territory.

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