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By Vernon Trollinger, April 7, 2011, Charity & Community, Green, Moving, News, Save Money

Hey Abilene! If you’re looking for a new energy plan then check out these offers. Bounce Energy, a Texas energy company, is offering low Texas electricity plans with affordable rates. Whether you’re looking for fixed rates, month-to-month plans or 100% Green energy plans, Bounce Energy has plans designed to uniquely fit your energy needs. And don’t forget their plans comes with great customer service and rewards program. Take a look at the Abilene electricity plans Bounce Energy is offering:

Month to Month
Month-to-month plans are varible rate plans that allow consumers to control their usage when Texas energy rates rise and take advantage of energy savings when rates fall. Bounce Energy’s month-to-month plans do not have contracts or termination fees. You can change plans whenever you want.

Thrifty Saver Introductory — 6.4¢ / kWh Introductory Rate. No Contract, No Termination Fee. After your first month on our low introductory rate, we’ll move you to ourvlow-rate standard Thrifty Saver Program and you can earn cusotmer rewards.

Smart Saver — 10.5¢ / kWh. No Contract, No Termination Fee. There’s no limit to how much your rate can decrease. The 10% cap per month on price increases protects your family from sudden rate increases.

Express Move — 11.0¢ / kWh. It’s spring and lots of people are thinking of moving. Make it less of a hassle with this plan. Receive a $25 gift card from Walmart or Home Depot. Plus, Bounce Energy offers 5 FREE services to help you move: USPS Change of Address, place you on Do-Not-Call and Do-Not-Mail lists, Identity Theft Protection, and get quotes from moving companies. You can even sign up for Priority turn-on!

Fixed Rate Plans
Looking for a set Texas electricity rate for a set term? Bounce Energy’s fixed rate plans lock in a low price and come in short and long term options. Where’s it’s a little as 3 months or 2 years, you can lock in a low texas energy rate and get peace of mind for your family budget.

Easy Fixed 3 — 9.4¢ / kWh. Looking for a fixed rate plan but not sure about committing for a long term? Try our 3 month Fixed Rate Plan. Price locked in for next 3 months.

Fantastic Fixed 6 — 10.3¢ / kWh. 6 Month Fixed Rate Plan. Lock in this fantastic rate for the next 6 bills.

Nifty 9 — 10.2¢ / kWh. 9 Month Fixed Rate Plan. Price locked in for next 9 months

Terrific 12 — 9.7¢ / kWh. 12 month Fixed Rate Plan. Lock in this terrific rate for your next 12 bills

Amazing 18 — 10.1¢/kWh. 18 month Fixed rate plan.

Tremendous 24 — 9.8¢ / kWh. 24 Month Fixed Rate Plan. FREE month of electricity with on-time payments!

Green Energy Plans
Green energy means your energy is generated from 100% clean and renewable energy sources like wind, hydro, biomass, or solar instead of from non-renewable fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal. Green plans are available in both fixed or month-to-month options.

Blue Sky Now Introductory — 7.3¢ / kWh. A month-to-month plan with a low interductory rate featuring 100% green energy. No contract, No termination fee. Get rewarded for on-time payments with your choice of movie tickets or a companion airline ticket, $75 bill credit, and 1 month of FREE electricity!

Smart Green — 10.7¢ / kWh. This month-to-month green energy plan powers your home with 100% clean energy. There’s no limit to how much your rate can decrease, and there’s a 10% cap per month to protect you from sudden increases. Plus, there’s no contract and no termination fee.

Blue Sky Fixed 6 — 10.9¢ / kWh. 100% Green 6 Month Fixed Rate Plan
Power your home with 100% clean energy with a fixed rate for the next 6 bills.

Blue Sky Fixed 12 — 10.1¢ / kWh. 100% Green 12 month Fixed Rate Plan
Power your home with energy generated from renewable sources with a low, stable price locked in for next 12 months.

For all Bounce Energy plans, you can earn the following rewards for consecutive on-time bill payments:

6 consecutive on-time bill payments – your choice of 2 movie tickets OR a $50 Restaurant.com gift card
12 consecutive on-time bill payments – $75 bill credit
18 consecutive on-time bill payments – your choice of companion airfare OR a $15 Starbucks gift card
24 consecutive on-time bill payments – a FREE month of electricity
30 consecutive on-time bill payments – you’ll be granted Platinum status where you receive a 3% discount on all future bills (when you pay on-time)
*Rates used from April 7, 2011 and are based on 1,000 kWh usage.

When you switch your Abilene electricity provider to Bounce Energy, take advantage of our free on-line bill paying options. You can also calculate your savings when you switch to Bounce Energy using our new Savings Tool.

Plus, for every new sign up, we’re donating $5 to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

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