VIDEO: Save Energy and Money this Summer in your Kitchen

By Brooke Drake, May 9, 2011, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

It’s officially May… and for the South, this is the month when summer starts to rear its ugly head.  These past cool weathered months have been great, but now it’s time to stay inside, put the fans on high and begin counting down the days till fall.  And because we stay inside with the cool air conditioning most summer days, the summer heat also triggers high energy usage and high electricity bills.

So, to help combat the increase in electricity usage and high bills, and since the kitchen is one of the largest energy consuming rooms, the video below, “Saving Money by Making Your Kitchen More Energy Efficient” is a great one to review. This three minute video points out energy guzzling appliances and explains what you can do to reduce their energy consumption. These energy efficient steps will lower usage thus lowering your electric bill too.

Click here to see the full list of helpful videos from Bounce Energy.

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