Bounce Energy Partners with Cross Country Home Warranty to Provide Warranty Coverage for Their Customers

By Brooke Drake, June 15, 2011, News

Picture this…we had just moved into our new home, we were happy and pretty organized (thanks to the Bounce Energy Move Center). And about the time all the boxes were unpacked and pictures were hung, that’s when it happened… our A/C went out. Now before my husband and I started to pack things up to return to our previous home, we remembered we had a home warranty. And when what could have been a $1,000 job was only a $60 job because of the warranty, we knew we made the right decision by signing up for a home warranty. If you, on the other hand, do not have a home warranty in place, this may be a good time to sign up for one.

Bounce Energy, a Texas energy company, is making home ownership easier on its customers.  Bounce now allows customers to not only sign up for Texas electricity plans and home services but also for Cross Country Home Warranty coverage as well. To make it even easier, when customers select this option it will be included with their Bounce Energy bill – no more separate bills. With this package, customers will get only one bill and the convenience for paying their electricity service and warranty coverage at the same time.

With Cross Country Home Warranty, you are protected from the high costs associated with home repair and replacements for all of their major appliances and key internal mechanical systems, including many items not covered in most home warranties. There are even additional plans that cover interior electrical lines and some repairs to interior and/or exterior water, sewer, gas and electric lines, which can really come in handy.

Also, by signing up with Bounce Energy, you get access to low, competitive energy rates, superior customer service and great customer rewards. So don’t miss out on low rates and home coverage today!

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