Moving Tips From Bounce Energy – Move Yourself or Hire a Mover

By Julianne, June 27, 2011, Moving

Let’s face it; there are thousands of moving companies out there. So, how do you know which ones to trust and choose? Can you be sure that everything is going to arrive in one piece? On the flip side, if you’re thinking of moving yourself, do you have the necessary equipment, time, etc. to move your entire home yourself? Before you make a move (no pun intended), it’s best to weigh the options between moving yourself vs. hiring a moving company to find which option is best for you.

To make the decision easier on you, let’s weigh the options together.

We can begin with Option #1: Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  • If you are going to move yourself, you’ll need to determine how you are going to transport your belongings. If you don’t have access to a big truck, this means you’ll need to rent one. Just how big depends on how much you are going to move, how far you are going to move, and how much time you have to do the job.
  • Truck rentals are often the most inexpensive means for a long-distance move because you’re paying a low fee for truck rental, basic insurance (optional), gas, mileage and a tow dolly if you’re hauling a vehicle. Given these expenses, you can rent a truck including a dolly and move 850+ miles for under a $1,000. Any additional costs are entirely dependent on whether you’ll need boxes, furniture pads and other moving accessories.
  • In addition to cost savings, you’ll have a bit more peace of mind knowing that you have full control over packing, loading and unloading of your belongings.
  • Move on your schedule, at your chosen pace, with the freedom to extend the transition time if needed without worry over paying extra for storage costs.

Then there is Option #2: Hiring a Professional Moving Company

  • Leave the lifting, loading/unloading and hauling for the professionals. Difficult maneuvers with heavy/awkwardly shaped furniture can be left to people trained and paid to handle such tasks, so you can concentrate on the many, many details of making your new home livable.
  • It’s faster … enough said.
  • Hiring a mover means you can focus on the pre-move planning, move-day planning, house hunting, changing your address and so on, without also being responsible for all the packing, truck rental, loading the truck, etc.

If you choose Option #1, then finding a truck and possibly a storage rental can be difficult. At the Bounce Energy Move Center, you can find links to truck and storage rental companies in your area to narrow your search. You can also gain access to storage quotes to help you find the right deal.

If you go with Option #2 and use a professional moving company, the Bounce Energy Move Center has also made that process easier for you. Just fill out the form to the webpage and you’ll receive quotes from cost effective, professional movers – all with less stress. These moving companies have been prescreened to make your selection process easier and quicker. Through its partnership with, Bounce Energy only provides mover quotes from companies who are committed to superior customer service, who are insured, and who are licensed.

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