Protect Your Belongings With Renters Insurance

By Lindsey Bodker, August 8, 2011, Moving, News, Special Offers

Many renters do not think they need renters insurance because their landlord’s insurance should cover them if there is a catastrophic event. While that is true to an extent it isn’t entirely true. Most of the time your landlord’s insurance will cover the actual building itself but it does not cover your valuables inside. If your home is a victim to a fire or theft, renters’ insurance will give you peace of mind that everything is covered.

You may not feel like you have many valuables worth protecting but if you are a college student you probably have a computer, iPod, laptop, college textbooks and that is not even counting your phone, clothes, jewelry, kitchen appliances, etc. All of your possessions quickly add up and replacing them would be a lot more than you thought. In order to protect your belongings it is very beneficial to get renters’ insurance. If you are a college student and you are living paycheck to paycheck you may not think this is something necessary to spend your hard earned money on but it will save you money in the long-run. If you are ever in a terrible situation and your possessions are stolen or ruined you will be very thankful that you purchased renters insurance.

Your possessions are not the only thing that will be protected with renters insurance. Renter’s insurance also offers liability protection. If anyone is hurt or harmed while on your property you will not be held liable for their injury. This will protect you from any legal issues and it will also help with any medical bills of the person who was injured on your property. Both parties will benefit from renters insurance.

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