Published in “September 2011”

Video: Bounce Energy Customer Testimonial – The Smiths from Houston, TX

Meet Brian and Christy Smith. They have been Houstonians for 8 years. They have a 3 year old son Kallen who keeps them very active. Prior to being Bounce Energy customers, the two electricity providers they once had would leave them stressed and under pressure when bills rol [...]

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Video: Maintaining Your A/C System

Your Air Conditioning unit is the number one energy user in your home. Extreme temperatures cause your AC unit to work harder to keep your home comfortable and cool. This and running your AC at lower temperatures for longer hours causes your energy bill to increase significa [...]

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How Much Electricity Does My Home Use?

How Energy Star Appliances Can Save You Money

One of the complaints I hear from some folks thinking about a new appliance is that Energy Star certified appliances are too expensive and don't really save you a lot of money. Well, Energy Star certified appliances are more expensive because they are more energy efficient b [...]

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Don’t Get Fooled by TXU Energy’s “Vari-a-bull”

It’s ironic that TXU Energy’s anti-variable rates campaign is called “Vari-a-bull”. Because that’s what is… a full heaping, steaming pile of it. What they want Texans to believe is that variable rate plans are dangerous, the providers who offer them are trying to [...]

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What Causes a “Rolling Blackout”?

Rolling Blackouts happen when generation from Texas Electricity companies can not keep up with electrical demand. In order to prevent a cascading grid failure, the system operator —in this case, Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) —shuts down different secti [...]

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