Energy Vampires Caught on Video!

By Vernon Trollinger, October 26, 2011, Energy Efficiency, FAQs, News, Save Money

By day, they appear as if dead… But in truth they only sleep…
For by night they awake to feed upon the force that powers the living…
And drive up the cost of your monthly electric bill.
Know them for what they are: energy vampires!

Just in time for Halloween, Bounce Energy has made a cute little video about the energy vampires.  All Texas electricity consumers have them in their home. They can be anywhere, doing anything.  Energy Vampires suck electrical power even when they seem to be asleep or switched off. One or two may only drain a drop of electricity. A house full of gadgets, though, can bleed you dry.  The trick is what can you do about them to help lower your energy bill.  Sometimes, the answer as simple as rounding them up and pulling the plug.

To learn more, tune into the Bounce Energy YouTube Channel to find out about more energy saving tips.

Video: Energy Vampires: How To Stop Them From Sucking Electricity

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  1. […] that use energy without actually being turned on. These items more commonly referred to as “energy vampires” or using “standby power” consume electricity while they are switched off or in a standby […]

  2. Dave says:

    The part about the computer in sleep mode using ‘up to 83w/h of electricity isn’t entirely true. The only time this is true is if the computer in sleep mode is not properly setup so that it goes into S3 standby mode. S3 mode uses the same amount of power as S5 mode which is mechanical off (same as turning the computer off) both of which use approximately 5 watts per hour. Computers made since 2002 HOPEFULLY are configured properly and are using S3 sleep mode. If the computer is NOT configured properly, when you put it into sleep, will be in S1 Sleep mode and you’ll continue to hear the fans running and that’s where the power consumption can get as high as 83 watts per hour.

    A computer in S3 sleep mode should be completely and totally silent with the only indication it’s on is via an LED light on the front blinking or changing colors and or a keyboard light being illuminated.

  3. […] don’t forget to stake out the Energy Vampires lurking in your home. Energy Vampires suck electrical power even when they seem to be asleep or […]

  4. […] off lights, adding insulation, etc). But most of us forget the hidden items, or should I say the “energy vampires,” that use electricity without actually being turned on. These culprits use “standby […]