Protect Your Home from Ghosts and Ghouls

By Julianne, October 28, 2011, News

Halloween is the time of year when ghosts and ghouls come out to play. To protect your home and your family, Bounce Energy offers several options to keep you safe from evil Halloween spirits.

To monitor any paranormal activity that’s may be going on around your house, you can get matched to pre-screened home security services through our partner, Service Magic. Many of the contractors listed on Service Magic offer security features such as motion detectors, video surveillance, fire and smoke protection, and more. Find home contractors for your security needs with Service Magic.

Do you have a ghost that’s been playing with the electrical wiring of your home? No worries! Bounce Energy customers can sign up with LineProtect Inside Electric and receive coverage on repairs for their outlets, switches, fuses, breakers, and inside wiring in their homes. As always, Bounce Energy makes it simple for customers to add on an additional service to their electric bill. Customers who are interested in this offer can sign up through their MyAccount or sign up when they’re ordering new Texas electricity service from Bounce Energy. The service is then billed to their monthly Bounce Energy bill for just $5.99 a month. To add LineProtect to your account, visit your Bounce Energy MyAccount.

Is your air conditioning unit making spooky noises? Those noises can be made by ghosts or there may be something wrong with your unit. Luckily, Bounce Energy and Cross Country A/C Repair Texas has got your covered. Through Bounce Energy, you could add on Cross Country A/C Repair service to your electricity bill for just $14.95 a month. A/C units are some of the biggest energy vampires in your home and if they’re not running efficiently, can cost consumers more money on their electric bill. That’s why it’s important to get them inspected by a professional. Once, the customer adds A/C Repair service on to their account, ┬áthe plan will have them covered on central air conditioning repairs and includes a $1,000 annual claims expense cap with a 180 day repair guarantee. To make things even more simple, Bounce Energy even provides a an electricity and A/C repair bundle, Bounce 12 + A/C Repair Coverage so that customers will be billed 1 bill for their A/C repair and electricity services.

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