Bounce Energy vs. Green Mountain Energy

By Brooke Drake, November 21, 2011, Green, Save Money

**Get an Apples to Apples Comparison of Green Mountain vs Bounce Energy**

You may have noticed that companies these days are becoming more environmentally conscious. They are developing “green” buildings, adopting eco-friendly practices, and rewarding employees for utilizing those practices at home too. The green movement is also spreading into the energy sector. No longer is a high-priced renewable-only electricity provider your only option. More and more energy providers are offering plans that come from renewable sources in addition to their standard plans. So, I thought I would compare Bounce Energy, a Texas energy company, with Green Mountain, a company that only offers renewable electricity, to see what you get in addition to “green” energy. Here’s what I found:

With Bounce Energy, you have four great renewable plans from which to choose. Besides all the green plans containing 100% renewable energy each plan offers something great. The Organic Power Fixed 6 and Organic Power Fixed 12 plan offer a locked in rate over the indicated months. The Smart Green  plan guarantees that your price will not increase more than 10% a month and there is no limit to how much the price can decrease. The Organic Power Promotional plan offers month to month payment and has no termination fee. As stated before, Green Mountain only offers green plans, fixed for 6 and 12 months and month-to-month plans, but does not offer any nonrenewable plans. The problem with providing only green plans is although it is very earth friendly, it is not wallet friendly. Renewable plans tend to be more expensive than a standard non-renewable plan.  Which is why Bounce Energy also offers a wide variety of month-to-month and fixed (nonrenewable) plans that have super low rates and the flexibility to fit your needs. A company that carries both options is great because it gives you the ability to sign up with a less expensive plan and switch to a greener option if you decide to down the road.

Energy rates are easily visible for customers to view when they are signing up for a plan. What you may not expect are any additional fees that can be harder to find. Now, it’s pretty standard for most energy companies to charge for early contract termination and for late payments. However, some companies like Green Mountain actually charge their customers to pay their bill! Green Mountain charges $5.95 for paying your bill over the phone and $1.50 if you pay in person. Bounce Energy on the other hand, appreciates when its customers pay on time and won’t charge for payment regardless of the method used. Whether you pay online, by phone or mail, it is free of charge.

Not only does Bounce Energy not charge its customers to pay, but customers are also rewarded for paying on-time. By signing up with Bounce Energy, you are automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program. If you pay your bill on-time for 6 consecutive months, you’ll receive your choice of 2 movie tickets or a $50 gift card to PLUS access to the Bounce Energy VIP Customer Service line. If you pay your bill on time for 12 months, you receive a $75 bill credit. At 18 months, choose between companion airfare or a $15 gift card to Starbucks. For 24 months of on-time payments, you will receive a free month of electricity. For being a loyal customer for 30 months with on-time bill payments, you’ll receive a 3% discount on all future Bounce Energy bills paid on-time. With Green Mountain, they offer $100 gift card when you sign up and then nothing going forward.

In addition to a money saving rewards program, you can save even more with Bounce Energy’s Refer-a-Friend Program. This provides customers and their friends with the opportunity to earn a $50 bill credit each just by having their friends sign up with Bounce Energy. When a friend signs up, be sure they include your promo code (found under your account) and you both earn the credit!   This program is not offered with Green Mountain.

Lastly, like most people, I get annoyed with websites that are hard to navigate especially when managing my account. Bounce Energy, understood this and created a “MyAccount” page that helps customer find information easier and provides service tools to manage your account easier. There you can do various things such as transfer your service, set up auto pay, switch to a different plan, and more all at the click of a mouse.

So as you can see, signing up with an energy company like Green Mountain, allows you to use renewable energy, but you miss out on so much. By signing up with Bounce Energy, you can choose a green plan AND start earning customer rewards, bill credits and more! View and compare rates at Bounce Energy vs Green Mountain Energy.

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