Why an HVAC Warranty Can Save You Money

By Vernon Trollinger, December 21, 2011, Energy Efficiency, News, Save Money, Special Offers

Sometimes being a Do-It-Yourself homeowner means realizing that there can be times when you have no idea what you are doing and you need to call in a professional.

Our home is heated with natural gas. To save money, we installed a high-efficiency condensing furnace. This kind of HVAC system (also known as a Heating, Ventilation, And Cooling system) is designed to be so highly efficient (some are over 95% in terms of efficiency) that they pass most of their energy into the heat exchanger, and the exhaust must be pushed out of the furnace into the vent pipe by a blower.

Furthermore, water is a byproduct from burning natural gas, so it must be drained from the furnace through little hoses. With expensive blower modules, valves, sensors, and processor boards, a HVAC system can prove too complex to repair, leaving expensive replacements are the only option, and that is no way to save money as a homeowner.

Here’s a personal example: last year, I got up one Saturday to a cold house. My new programmable thermostat, which had been working reliably for weeks, suddenly tottered between 59 and 60 degrees. Lifting off the furnace cover, I peered at the controls on the furnace and saw a blinking LED message showing a system fault. The fault code sticker on the inside of the furnace cover read, “Error #32: low pressure fault. Pressure valve is not closing. Check for water in system or blower malfunction”.

After about an hour of poking around at the furnace controls, the thermostat’s temperature slid to 58 degrees. My wife fired up the oven and began mixing muffin batter —her silent hint to me to call someone competent now.

The serviceman was a nice guy, as he happily chatted with me about our HVAC system while he checked the electrical connections. After a few resets, he said that it looked like the blower motor had died and had to be replaced. Excluding labor, this would be a $500 part! But instead of pulling out the blower, he rubbed his chin for moment and then tried one more thing – he disconnected the hoses from the pressure valve.

Water came pouring out! It was easily half a quart, and there was more in the rest of the tubing. Borrowing my wet-dry vac, he sucked out as much dark gray water from the HVAC system as he could. Next, he investigated the system drainage pipe to make sure it was completely clear. He then reconnected the valve hoses, double-checked the blower connections, and finally reset the system. Thankfully, it fired right up, and in seconds, glorious, toe-warming heat began blowing through the ducts!

When the bill arrived, it was just $100.00, just one hour of the repairman’s time, but it could have easily been $700 if that blower had died. Since this HVAC system is over ten years old, it could just be a matter of time before there’s more unexpected trouble. And no homeowner wants to face these potential troubles right in the middle of the summer when the air conditioner is running non-stop and Texas power companies are struggling to keep up with the increased electricity usage.

Fortunately, Bounce Energy offers warranties that protect against unexpected home repairs and potentially save money through Cross Country Home Services. The warranty service covers your home’s HVAC system,  and it can be conveniently added on to the customer’s Bounce Energy electricity bill. There are two options available to you as a homeowner: 1) the Bounce 12 + A/C Repair Coverage plan locks in an electric rate for 12 months with air conditioner coverage; while 2) current Bounce Energy customers who already have an electricity plan can add Cross Country A/C repair service, which features a $1,000 annual claims expense cap with a 180-day repair guarantee.

In addition to an HVAC warranty, Bounce Energy also offers its customers LineProtect™ Inside Electric warranty. Customers who add LineProtect to their plan will receive round-the-clock warranty protection for outlets, switches, fuses, breakers and the inside wiring in their homes by pre-qualified and insured contractors. Just add the service through Bounce Energy’s MyAccount, or sign up for it when ordering your Texas electricity service.

So why get an HVAC or inside electric warranty? Simply put, you might not know how to test those expensive HVAC system components or electrical lines yourself, and the average Do-It-Yourself homeowner can’t just go buy those expensive replacement parts on a Saturday morning at 6:30 am. For a little extra bit of money each month, a good warranty helps reduce your potential for stress and unnecessary expenses in the future.

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