Video: Saving Money with Energy Efficiency Tips in the Bathroom

By Brooke Drake, January 9, 2012, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

Now that Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, many people make the New Year’s resolution to start saving money, and an easy way to start is to examine your energy bill. Just by making a few simple changes to how you or your family uses energy, you can quickly become more energy efficient, which in turn will save you money.

Whether you’re single or part of a large family, everyone can spend a great deal of time in the bathroom. Keeping the bathroom comfortable during these cold winter months can use a lot of energy. Between heating water, using blow dryers, the overhead lighting, and the occasional leaky faucet, it’s unfortunately easy to forget how to be energy efficient.

So, if you are interested in saving energy and money, check out Bounce Energy’s Home Energy Efficiency Tips: The Bathroom Video. Our video provides simple ways to become energy efficient in the bathroom, while keeping it comfortable to get ready in. And since just heating your water can add up to 25% of your water bill, this video also shows ideas on how to conserve and cut down on water costs as well.

So learn how to save energy, water, and money by watching this video from Bounce Energy – make your home energy efficient, one room at a time.

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