Save Washingtons and Lincolns on President’s Day with Bounce Energy

By Adam P. Newton, February 20, 2012, News, Save Money, Special Offers

save money with bounce energy

Our money in America is adorned with the faces of some rather important figures from our history, but few are as beloved and mythologized as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Along with Thomas Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln are the only figures in American history with their faces on both coins and bills. Unfortunately for Jefferson, no one really uses the $2 bill, and his nickel isn’t as widely circulated, valued, or collected as Lincoln’s penny and Washington’s quarter. That being said, we all like hanging onto as many of these Presidents as possible, and Bounce Energy is here to help you save money this President’s Day.

If you’re tired of watching your rate change because of fluctuations in the Texas energy grid, you should really look into one of our fantastic fixed-rate plans. Right now, we would recommend taking advantage of the low seasonal rates available with our Easy Fixed 3 and Fast Fixed 4 plans. Bounce also offers excellent plans that range from 6, 9, 12, and 24 months in lengths; in fact, the Terrific 12 remains our most popular energy plan!

You can continue retaining control of the Presidents in your pocket by enrolling in one of our three excellent Rewards Programs! With the Bounce Energy Rewards Program, you can earn movie passes, gift cards, bill credits, and more simply by paying your bill on-time each month. If you are a frequent flyer, you would enjoy our American AAdvantage Rewards Program which lets you earn 1 American AAdvantage mile for every $1 of your bill you pay on-time (with a monthly cap of 200 miles). And if neither of those two programs excites your inner money saver, maybe you’d be interested in the 3% Cash Back Rewards Program, where you can earn 3% cash back on your 13th bill for every 12 consecutive on-time bill payments you make.

Want to keep even more of those Presidents safe and secure in your bank account? Take a gander at one of our excellent bundles where we combine our great rates for energy with another in-demand product to give our customers another way to save money. For example, Bounce offers our HVAC Bundle, giving you a low rate for 12 months of energy as well as superb repair coverage for your air conditioner in case something breaks during the course of the summer. However, if you’re a big fan of premium cable programming, you should look into our Bounce 24 + DirecTV bundle – you’d lock in an excellent rate for 24 months of service, receive a competitive rate from DirectTV, and earn a $5 bill credit on both your Bounce and DirecTV bills for 24 months.

So, if you like those Presidents stored in your budget and you’d like to collect a few more so that the Washingtons and Lincolns turn into Grants and Benjamins, then you really should check out Bounce Energy. Whether it’s our plans, rewards programs, or product bundles, we have several ways to help you save money on President’s Day! Visit us online or call Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 today!

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