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By Stephanie, May 16, 2012, Charity & Community

Help support Zoey's Angels

Nothing is harder on parents than the tragic loss of a child. This is a time when parents need the most support from their community, family, and friends to help them heal. Sadly not every family going through this tragedy may have the same time, support, or love that one desperately needs. Zoey’s Angels is a charity that helps grieving families concentrate on healing, physical and emotional well-being, and honoring the memory of their angel through financial and practical support.

Zoey’s Angels was founded by the parents and uncle of Zoey “Isadorable” Dockal, who was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and heart disease. Though she fought bravely, Zoey sadly passed away 6 days shy of her 6-month birthday. Her parents were comforted by an outpouring of support from their community which enabled them to heal as well as honor their daughter’s memory. After this experience, her family started Zoey’s Angels which supports families who have lost an infant after a long struggle at the hospital. Zoey’s Angels helps families with financial support for medical, burial, and other financial burdens, and helps the family heal with a strong support group, connecting families who have gone through similar situations, education, and doing all they can to offer emotional aide.

This month Bounce Energy wants to support all the good work Zoey’s Angels does and will donate $1 for every new “like” on our Facebook or for every new Twitter follower. Let’s all work together to ensure that Zoey’s Angels will be there for grieving families in need.

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