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Moving tips

10 Moving Tips Everyone Can Use for Your New Home

Whether you are moving into your first home as a young 20-something, or you are a couple in your golden years finally purchasing your dream home, it's never too late to learn a few moving tips. Everyone knows that problems can arise very quickly during the moving process,so [...]

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Check out our hurricane tracking map

Get Up To Date Hurricane Information With Our Hurricane Preparedness Guide and Tracking Map

Last year, Bounce Energy produced our first hurricane tracking map to help you prepare for and follow all of last season's hurricanes. As the new hurricane season begins, we're bringing back the tracking map. For those of us who are coastal residents, hurricane tracking is s [...]

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Preparing for a Hurricane If You Have to Evacuate

People who live in an area prone to hurricanes know when they are most likely to appear. This is especially true for those of us who live on the Gulf Coast, since we've had several bad hurricanes hit our region in the past decade. Then again, since we know when they're m [...]

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extreme heat advisory

Extreme Heat Advisory: Bounce Energy Urges Customers to Conserve Energy (Updated: Monday, 10:20 AM)

The forecast for early next week is looking all too similar to last summer’s long, hot days, predicting temperatures over 100 degrees for most of Texas – something we’re not used to seeing this early in the summer.  As we can all remember what a scorcher summer 20 [...]

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Disturbance in the Gulf May Develop into a Tropical Storm (UPDATE: Debby Heads Northeast)

UPDATE 2- June 24 5:15 PM Looks like tropical storm Debby has taken a north/northeast turn and will mainly affect Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The main threat from this storm so far has been tornadoes and rain hitting the Florida coastline. We'll keep you updated if any [...]

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Hurricane Warning flags, US Coast Guard

How to Prepare for a Hurricane If You Stay Home

[caption id="attachment_3474" align="alignright" width="144" caption="Hurricane Warning flags, US Coast Guard"][/caption] So, you've heard the weather reports and listened to local emergency management officials. You've weighed the options, made sure your home is not in a [...]

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Bounce Energy rewards

Breakdown Bounce Energy’s Rewards Programs

For many families, summer is the time for family vacations, but as we just booked a full-price airfare ticket for our two-year-old, I can see why many families choose not to fly or opt for one in driving range. That is where the Bounce Energy Rewards Program comes into play. [...]

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Any Relief In Sight for the Texas Drought?

Last year, Texas experienced its worst year-long drought on record with 88% of the state in exceptional drought conditions and an estimated 14.8 inches of rain (normal annual average is around 34.70 inches). The Texas drought of 2011 actually began in 2010 with the start of [...]

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It Might Be Another Hot One – 2012 Summer Weather Prediction For Texas

[caption id="attachment_6692" align="alignright" width="300" caption="June-July-August 2012 Temperature Prediction (courtesy NOAA)"][/caption] The folks at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently announced their three-month predictions for the [...]

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Refer A Friend and Save Money

What’s The Best Way to Lower your Electricity Bill? Try Refer-A-Friend

We all want to figure out a way to reduce how much we pay on our electricity bill each month. Some of us scour the internet for different coupons, promotion codes, and contests offering one-time bill credits. Others of us try to decrease how much energy we use in a billing c [...]

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