Extreme Heat Advisory: Bounce Energy Urges Customers to Conserve Energy (Updated: Monday, 10:20 AM)

By Elizabeth Matthews, June 22, 2012, News

extreme heat advisory

The forecast for early next week is looking all too similar to last summer’s long, hot days, predicting temperatures over 100 degrees for most of Texas – something we’re not used to seeing this early in the summer.  As we can all remember what a scorcher summer 2011 was, and we want to encourage you to proactively cut down on your electricity usage as much as possible during these days of extreme heat. When it’s hot outside, your AC works overtime to keep your home inside cool and, unfortunately, your electricity usage goes up. We want to keep you informed and provide ways for you to better manage and control your usage and costs.

UPDATE TUESDAY 11:50 AM – Yesterday we experienced record breaking peak electric demand, according to ERCOT. It doesn’t look like the weather is cooling down much today or tomorrow and they are predicting another record breaking day today. Please remember to watch your use and use the tips below to conserve, conserve, conserve!

UPDATE Monday 10:20 am – Temperatures are expected to get up to 104 degrees with a heat index reaching 110  today in Houston and surrounding areas. Because of the extreme temperatures Ercot (see alert here) and Bounce Energy urge you to please watch and conserve your energy usage today, especially between the peak hours of 3 pm and 7 pm.

UPDATE Sunday 10:20 am – Tropical Storm Debby could provide us some relief from the extreme heat.

However, it’s important to keep conserving – read through our tips and watch our videos below so you better manage your electricity usage and bill during extreme temperature events like these.

UPDATE Saturday 8:25 – ERCOTs press release on extreme temperatures, expected usage and load, Dallas Morning News Article, Weather Update Article from Accuweather.

Here are 10 quick and easy tips to help you reduce your electricity usage immediately:

  1. Turn your A/C up. Try turning your A/C up to 78 degrees. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be.  Taking your temperature even 5 degrees lower can make your air conditioner use up to 40% more energy
  2. Use ceiling and personal fans when possible. Seriously – these devices keep the air circulating so that you personally feel cooler. Technically, they don’t cool down the air in your home, but the movement of the air will cool you down. Also, these small units will use considerably less energy than you pushing your air conditioner to blow colder and colder air.
  3.  Use your major appliances less. Hand-in-hand with Tip #4, the less you use your major appliances, the more energy you can conserve. Reuse and air-dry your pool and shower towels. Wash and dry only full loads of clothes, and do so only when necessary.
  4. Use your major appliances in the evening. The oven, washer and dryer units, and dishwasher typically produce lots of heat, and, if you run them during the middle of the day, you’re only causing your home to heat up more than it already is; thus, you should run them at night when it’s cooler outside so that you don’t have to over-use the air conditioner to combat the rise in home temperatures.
  5.  Keep closet and bathroom doors closed. The cold air from your A/C is going to fill any space it can find. You may as well keep this air in the rooms that you actually use. By closing the doors to closets, bathrooms, and unused bedrooms, you will maximize the amount of cold air that is in your actual living spaces.
  6. Turn off your pool pump. While you do want to keep your pool water clean, you don’t need it running all the time. Investing in a pool cover is also a good idea, as that will prevent debris from getting into the pool, thus decreasing your need for the pump to run consistently.
  7. Change your air filters. This is a relative no-brainer – if your air filters are clean, your air conditioner won’t have to run so hard to keep your home cool.
  8. Close your blinds and windows. Keeping your windows and blinds closed during the day will automatically make your home cooler, since you’re decreasing the amount of warm air and sunlight you let inside.
  9. Shade your windows – When your windows are shaded, that means that less sun can get into your home, and less sun means less heat.
  10. Stop taking long baths and showers. No, we’re not suggesting that you stay dirty and sweaty in the heat of the summer, but we do recommend that you instead take short showers and make sure that they’re not scorching hot.

During these cases of extreme weather get real time updates and stay informed by connecting with us on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll keep you in the know throughout these events with tips, outage information and more.

For more ideas on how to conserve your energy usage and keep your bill low watch these videos from Bounce Energy:

Bounce Energy has teamed up with Blinds.com to show you how the right window treatments can save you money on your summer electricity bills.

With these summertime tips from Bounce Energy, you can keep your electricity bill low and make your home more energy efficient.

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