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By Vernon Trollinger, August 3, 2012, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

The summer heat is on and the amount you can pay for electricity in Texas can really burn you up. Luckily, you can save yourself money and aggravation by doing something about your home’s energy efficiency. Bounce Energy’s YouTube Channel has 10 energy efficiency videos that show you where to look in your home to save energy.

1: How Much Electricity Does Your Texas Home Consume? Test It! Testing your energy usage in your home is easy when you have the right tools. This video explains how to test your usage with the help of handy devices so that you can measure your home’s energy efficiency and determine where you can limit your usage to save you money off your electricity bill.

2: Energy Vampires It’s not Halloween, but they’re lurking in your home putting the bite on your energy efficiency. Slaying your energy vampires is easy once you know which appliances and devices consume power even when turned off. Learn about Energy Vampires and how you can stop them from adding to your monthly electricity bill.

3: Lower Your Texas Electricity Bill during the Summer Ceiling fans, clean air filters, and closing drafts – these are some summer time tips from Bounce Energy can keep your Texas energy rates low and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

4: Energy Efficient Air Filters Tips When it comes to energy efficiency, even the little things matter. Even air filters. Bounce Energy shows you why the right air filters can keep your home’s air clean and your cooling costs low.

5: Maintaining Your AC System during the Summer HVAC can be complicated but there are some tips that can keep you AC spinning in tip-top shape. Bounce Energy and Village Plumbing and Home Services have teamed up to show you some simple tips to maintaining your home’s AC system in the summer.

6: Setting your Programmable Thermostat in the Summer Learn the ideal settings for programming your thermostat during the summer months.

7: Summer Window Treatment Tips Letting in the sun might be nice… but in under the Texas sun, it can be expensive! Bounce Energy has teamed up with to show you how the right window treatments can save you money on your summer electricity bills year round!

8: Energy Efficient Laundry Tips Laundry appliances consume a lot of electricity. Washing machines can account for up to 90% of your hot water use, and using a clothes dryer can easily add to the expense. This video will show you simple tips for you to improve your laundry’s energy efficiency and still keep clean.

9: Home Energy Efficiency Tips: The Bathroom Where’s there’s water and heat, there’s more load on your AC system. Saving money is easy with Bounce Energy’s tips on ways to make your bathroom more energy efficient.

10: Home Energy Efficiency Tips: The Kitchen Looking for ways to save energy in the kitchen? You might be surprised at how much electricity that coffee maker uses when it’s in standby mode!

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