Make Your Washer and Dryer More Energy Efficient

By Brooke Drake, August 20, 2012, Energy Efficiency

Running your washer and dryer can use a lot of energy. There are two ways to make doing laundry a more energy efficient process: use less water and colder water. Just by switching your water temperature setting from hot to warm can cut the amount of energy used per load in half. Here are some other tips to help make your washer and dryer more energy efficient.

  • Only run the clothes washer when fully loaded. This will save water in addition to electricity. If you have to wash a small load, adjust your water-level settings to the appropriate level to make it more water and energy efficient.
  • When drying clothes, do not overfill the dryer and use the automatic setting (if available). Dry loads back-to-back if possible, but remember to clean the lint screen between each load, which will improve air circulation and prevent fire hazards.
  • Make sure the outside clothes dryer air vent is well-sealed.
  • Once a year, pull the dryer out and detach the duct from the bottom of your dryer and remove as much lint from your dryer and the duct as you can.
  • Use the clothes washer and/or dryer at night, which will keep the house cooler and reduce strain on the power grid during the peak usage hours of 3 PM and 7 PM.
  • Dry towels and heavier cotton clothes in a separate load from lighter-weight items.
  • Air dry clothes on clothes lines or drying racks. This method not only saves energy but can help your clothes last longer.
  • If looking to purchase a new washer look for the ENERGY STAR and EnergyGuide labels. ENERGY STAR models clean clothes using 50% less water and 37% less energy. If looking to buy a dryer, choose one with a moisture sensor setting. The dryer will automatically shut off when the clothes are dry, saving both energy and water.

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