Bounce Energy Introduces Weekly Electricity Usage Summary Emails

By Adam P. Newton, August 28, 2012, Energy Efficiency, News, Save Money

As Bounce continually strives to better serve our customers, we understand that many of you want to monitor your usage on a regular basis. One of the key ways that our customers can save money each month is to lower their electricity usage, and the best way to do that is to learn exactly how you’re using energy on a daily basis. While some folks register their Smart Meters (here) to see their usage on a daily basis, we’ve decided to deliver that service straight to you.

To accommodate this need, we recently rolled out our new Weekly Electricity Usage Summary Email, and it’s received rave reviews so far. The basic idea behind these emails is this: by providing you with a regular update on your estimated kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage, you will be able to better determine where and how you can save money by reducing that usage. We figure that if you have more information about your energy usage, it’ll be easier for you to find ways to reduce your kWh usage, leading to lower electricity bills.

Here is an example of what the emails look like:

Weekly Electricity Usage Email

These weekly usage summary emails will feature the following:

  • The Estimated Cost, kWh Usage, and Daily Average Estimated Cost for the most recent two weeks at your service address
  • The Estimated Cost, kWh Usage, and Daily Average Estimated Cost for the month-to-date at your service address
  • A billing estimate for the month based upon these usage trends
  • A Daily View of your Usage with a Temperatures chart, comparing the previous week to the current week
  • A collection of tips and links from on how you can save energy in your home

Please be advised that the kWh Usage readings you see in your weekly usage summary email is an estimate that you can use as a guideline to better monitor how much energy you are using. It will not replace the actual reading for your meter that Bounce receives from the utility company in your area. If you do receive a bill from Bounce and you do not agree with the meter reading on that bill, please call Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 so that you can request that the utility company re-read your meter.

If you’re enrolled in our Peak Rewards program, this weekly electricity usage email can be extra helpful for you to monitor your usage and make sure you’re lowering your electricity usage during peak hours. Through our Peak Rewards program, you can be rewarded when you lower your electricity bill during high demand electricity use hours (3-7pm). To learn more about this program,  click here.

We do hope that you are able to put the information you receive in these Weekly Electricity Usage Summary emails to great use to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your home electricity bills.

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