Bounce Energy Introduces its Peak Rewards Program

By Adam P. Newton, September 10, 2012, Energy Efficiency, News

Bounce Energy's Peak Reward ProgramWe believe in honoring our customers who make a concerted effort to reduce their electricity usage, and this is especially true during the extra hot and cold times of the year. Texas electricity customers have recently experienced prolonged periods of time during the summer where it’s been hotter than usual for longer periods of time, and we did have that crazy cold stretch of time in February 2011. In response to such situations, Bounce Energy has introduced its Peak Rewards Energy Response Program

Introduced in August 2012, the Bounce Energy Peak Rewards program is designed to help limit the peak demand for electricity during the Peak Demand Hours of 3pm to 7pm during the hottest or coolest times of the year. This program allows customers the opportunity to reduce energy, save money, and protect the environment. Customers who participate in the program help offset the demand for electricity during periods of peak usage.

Occasional storms, heat waves and cold fronts, as well as periodic power plant repairs and maintenance, have the potential to affect supply and demand for electricity. When demand is high and supply is short, power interruptions can sometimes be the result, and an “Emergency Event” is usually called in these situations in order to help conserve electricity. These events are based upon extreme weather forecasts, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) public market notices, and Bounce Energy customer usage. An “Emergency Event” is typically declared 1-2 business days before the actual day of the event.

Customers who opt-in to the Peak Rewards Program will receive a 5% bill discount during those months that an Emergency Event occurs, as this event causes Bounce to ask customers to reduce their usage during Peak Demand Hours. Customers must participate in these energy usage reduction events or they will be ineligible for bill discount once determined they have not participated.

Event details will be sent to customers via e-mail, text messages, MyAccount messages, Twitter, and Facebook so that they can be informed that an event has been declared and to advise what can be done to reduce their usage during an event. Customer usage information can be seen in your personal MyAccount. Bounce Energy has determined baselines for load reduction during peak usage times. Participating is simple – you simply need to reduce your kilowatt (kWh) usage during the hours of 3pm to 7pm on the day an “Emergency Event” has been declared. If you reduce your usage, you are helping help offset the demand for electricity during periods of peak usage. For ideas on how to save energy during an “Emergency Event,” you can view our past blog posts here and here.

This reward will vary based on each customer’s individual start date and the balance for a given bill (which is based upon the customer’s kilowatt (kWH) usage for a given billing cycle). Opt-in eligibility for this program is available only until September 15th, 2012.

There are 3 primary ways to enroll in Peak Rewards with Bounce:
• When you sign up as a new customer, you can choose click the radio button marked “I want to participate in the Peak Rewards Program and save 5%” listed under the section marked “Your Additional Offers.”
• If you log into your Bounce Energy MyAccount portal, you can click the “Peak Rewards” link in the left-hand sidebar menu and then click the orange button marked “Opt Me Into the Peak Rewards Program.”
• You can speak with a Bounce Energy Customer Service Representative by calling 1-888-452-6862.

Due to the seasonal nature of this rewards program, you can certainly be concurrently enrolled in the Peak Rewards Program and any other standard Rewards Program (like the Bounce Energy Loyalty Rewards Program or Mommy Merits) where you earn rewards for making consecutive on-time bill payments. We want our customers to take advantage of making on-time bill payments and reducing their electricity usage when it’s most necessary. You can learn more about the Peak Rewards Program here.

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