You Have a Chance To Win a $1000 By Referring Your Friends!

By Adam P. Newton, September 3, 2012, News

Bounce Energy's Refer-a-Friend contest!Back in April 2012, Bounce Energy had a contest where you could win free electricity from us for you and a friend for a year, just by “liking” us on Facebook and then sharing the details of the contest with the greatest number of people. It was a popular endeavor on a number of levels, and it was certainly profitable for two people. So, we decided to revisit that idea, but with a bit of a twist.

The details of our new Refer-A-Friend Contest are really simple – if you refer the most people to Bounce through the entire month of September, you will win a $1,000 American Express Gift Card! That’s it: all you have to do is convince your friends that they should sign up for service with Bounce using your unique Refer-A-Friend code and be the one with the most referrals. Second place will get a $250 American Express gift card, and 3rd place will get a Bounce Energy t-shirt.

Here’s the real incentive to participate in this contest: you and the friends you refer will still earn the standard Refer-A-Friend bill credit reward. That’s right: for each friend that joins Bounce Energy using your unique Refer-A-Friend code, you will earn a $50 bill credit after your friend pays his/her first bill to Bounce, and your friend will earn at $50 bill credit after paying his/her first 3 consecutive bills on-time. So, if you end up winning the contest, you’ll get the bill credits from referring all those friends and a $1,000 American Express Gift Card, and if you lose the contest, you STILL get all of the bill credits from referring your friends. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Sure, I can understand being nervous about talking to your friends about your electricity company, since it’s not a very interesting topic of discussion. Thankfully, Bounce makes it simple for you by offering a variety of ways for you to talk about Bounce with your friends. If you log into your MyAccount page and you will see the following options to help friends join Bounce:

  • Your Refer-A-Friend code
  • A Web Link connected directly to your Refer-A-Friend code
  • An E-mail Portal that lets you contact 5 friends at a time
  • A Facebook Link that posts a message to your wall
  • A Twitter Link that tweets a message to your followers
  • A Pinterest Badge for your board that your followers can use
  • Refer-A-Friend Business Cards that you can print and then pass out to your friends

Remember, this contest runs from September 1-30, so only those customers who sign up and become active customers during that time are eligible to be included in your referred friend count. Also, your friend has to ensure that he/she signs up using your unique Refer-A-Friend code – this is true for the contest specifically and the $50 bill credit in general.

Have your friends visit Bounce Energy online to learn more about our rates and plans. Signing up online is easy, but they can also call us at 1-888-452-6862 to speak directly with Customer Service. Happy Referring!

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