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Happy Halloween from Bounce Energy!

Happy Halloween from Bounce Energy

Posted by Count Voltula There's been a gray chill in the night air. Just as my servant Igor began carving our jack-o-lantern for the Bounce Energy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest, a thin sliver of cloud sliced uncomfortably across the full moon. Here at haunted old S [...]

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Avoid the tricks and get the treats with Bounce Energy!

Avoid the Tricks and Get the Treats on your Electricity Bill

For many of us, the entire month of October is all about the buildup to Halloween. People of all ages invest hours, days, and weeks into planning the perfect costume that will make that candy-collecting trip around the neighborhood worthwhile. You engage in all this planning [...]

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Revenge of the Curse of the Son of the Energy Vampire!

By day, they appear as if dead…But in truth they only sleep… For by night they awake to feed upon the force that powers the living… And drive up the cost of your monthly electric bill. Know them for what they are: energy vampires! Energy Vampires are real [...]

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Hurricane Sandy Update

As Hurricane Sandy nears landfall today or tomorrow all along the mid-Atlantic coast, we want to make sure you're properly prepared for whatever may hit. Experts are predicting that the storm will affect Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvani [...]

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Bounce Energy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

One of the more treasured October activities for our family was always pumpkin carving. We loved using the orange orbs as decoration for our front porch to set the holiday mood. In the spirit of those brisk fall evenings and nostalgic feelings, Bounce Energy wants to see wha [...]

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Protect your heating system this winter

After the Long Summer Protect Your Heating System Before Winter Sets In

Winter is just around the corner and that means everyone will finally enjoy a little bit of a cool down. Since we went through yet another hot summer this year, your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system (also known as HVAC) has probably worked overtime to keep y [...]

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Heading Towards a Greener Real Estate Market

Heading Towards a Greener Real Estate and Housing Market – By Home Star Research (Guest Blog)

Real estate markets have been in considerable trouble for the last five years. Indications are suggesting that the housing slump has finally touched bottom and the market is starting to come back. This recovery appears to be moving upwards gradually. While that can be fr [...]

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Get the Genie from DIRECTV with Bounce Energy

DIRECTV’s Most Advanced HD DVD The Genie Is Now Available

Is this a familiar scenario: with the new fall television lineup, you've tried to meticulously plan ahead and attempted to record your favorite series on your DVR. You forgot about those two shows that happen to come on at the same time, and you get the dreaded "conflict [...]

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Add Insulation Before the Winter Season

For southerners, the words “winter is coming” brings joy to our ears. Not only is winter a break from the intense summer heat but also a break from high cooling costs. However, winter also means potentially higher heating costs. This is where insulating comes in to play. [...]

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October is…Awareness Month!

For many, when you think of October the first thing that comes to mind is Halloween. While October is a month for ghosts and goblins, it is also a serious month for awareness. For the month of October, people have the ability to bring awareness to the masses for many serious [...]

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