DIRECTV’s Most Advanced HD DVD The Genie Is Now Available

By Stephanie, October 24, 2012, News, Special Offers

Get the Genie from DIRECTV with Bounce Energy

Is this a familiar scenario: with the new fall television lineup, you’ve tried to meticulously plan ahead and attempted to record your favorite series on your DVR. You forgot about those two shows that happen to come on at the same time, and you get the dreaded “conflicting programs” error on your DVR menu and have to choose which show to record.

This problem could become an issue of the past thanks to the Genie HD DVR by DIRECTV! The Genie allows customers to enjoy the full HD DVR experience in every room of the house. You can now pause, rewind, fast-forward, and delete shows in any room of your home! The Genie also gets rid of any annoying recording conflicts, as this device can record up to five of your favorite shows or movies all at the same time. The Genie is also pretty smart and can recommend other shows you might like based on what you’ve already watched, it will also offer to record the shows for you so you can give a new series a shot. With 1 TB of storage space, you will be able to record ample shows and movies before you’ll need to worry about your HD DVR filling up.

Bounce Energy is offering a FREE upgrade to the Genie HD DVR for all customers who sign up for DIRECTV through us! Customers who sign up for DIRECTV through us will also receive NFL Sunday Ticket Max for free as well as 3 free months of HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax, and 4 free equipment upgrades!

Also, when you signup for DIRECTV through Bounce Energy in Texas you will receive a $5 bill credit off both of your Bounce Energy Bill as well as DIRECTV bill for 24 months which equals to $240 in savings for you! Pennsylvania customers interested in this deal can get a $5 bill credit off of their DIRECTV bill for 24 months for a savings of $120! So what are you waiting for, sign up for DIRECTV through Bounce Energy and never miss your favorite shows again.

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