October is…Awareness Month!

By Brooke Drake, October 19, 2012, Events & Fun, News

For many, when you think of October the first thing that comes to mind is Halloween. While October is a month for ghosts and goblins, it is also a serious month for awareness. For the month of October, people have the ability to bring awareness to the masses for many serious topics such as breast cancer, domestic violence and bullying.

According to breast cancer statistics 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during the course of her lifetime but with early detection the breast cancer survival rate is around 98% and since 1990 the death rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer has been steadily decreasing.  These numbers are staggering and are one of the main reasons awareness is so important. In case you haven’t heard, this month we’re teaming up with the Houston-based breast cancer charity The Rose to help raise money and awareness for their cause. The Rose works to make breast cancer screening available to all women, regardless of income level, since early detection can greatly increase the survival rate of breast cancer. You can learn more about The Rose and how you can help us in the fight against breast cancer here.

Domestic violence awareness month was established to help unite battered women’s advocates across the nation who were working to end violence against women and their children. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has reported that in the U.S. alone “one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and an estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.”

Bullying is a serious issue that is becoming more and more prevalent for children, pre-teens and teens. So much so that according to the 2010 Bullying Statistics, “there are almost 160,000 children that miss school every day out of fear from being bullied.” In addition, cyber bullying is becoming more and more rampant in school among teens and children. According to the same site, “there are about 2.7 million students being bullied each year by about 2.1 students taking on the roll of the bully.” The increase in bullying has lead to the need for bullying awareness month, which is a time when communities can unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education.

On the flip-side, October is also a month to celebrate some not-so-serious things such as cookie month, eat country ham month, national pizza month, seafood month, etc. With all this “food” awareness going on during the month of October, why not join in the fun? And what better way to celebrate than to eat great food while saving money? So, before you head out for pizza or seafood, remember to bring a Restaurant.com gift card to save money on your next dining experience. Here are a few participating Houston restaurants to try out:

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