“Be” Series: Be Satisfied with Bounce Energy

By Vernon Trollinger, November 8, 2012, News, Save Money

BE Satisfied with Bounce Energy

If you’re a Houston or Dallas resident, you may have seen some of the Bounce Energy billboards around town – they’re bright orange and electric blue in hue. We have a few different ones currently up – BE Cool, BE Rewarded, and BE Texan, for example – and each focuses on a unique factor that sets Bounce Energy apart from its competitors. In this installment of our series, we’re going to focus on how our Texas and Pennsylvania customers can BE Satisfied with Bounce Energy.

Customer Service Satisfaction
There are many companies out there all vying for your attention with perks and promotions of all shapes, sorts, and sizes. These are important, and Bounce Energy has them as well. However, we believe that the most important thing we can offer our customers is satisfaction in the quality of service they receive from us. If your current company offers a low rate for your electricity, but you aren’t ever able to speak with anyone about your issues, you certainly aren’t satisfied with your service.

With Bounce, we know how crucial it is for customers to contact us with any needs or concerns they might have. This is why we offer a variety of ways for you to communicate with us:

By providing this consistent level of customer service, we recently received a “5 Circle” rating for Customer Satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates, and we have been one of the top-ranked retail electricity providers on Texas Electricity Rating for the past 3 years.

Energy Plans
First and foremost, Bounce Energy offers convenient energy plans that can save you money. We have a large variety of plans including month-to-month variable-rate plans, along with a range of fixed-rate plans for as little as 3 months or lasting up to 2 years. There are also bundled plans that help you save on airfare, digital TV, and even offer repair coverage for your home’s air conditioner. All of our plans are designed to get you the best deal for the energy usage in your home and/or business, whether it’s from conventional or renewable sources. Also, we recently started providing service to Pennsylvania, so residents of the Keystone State can choose plans in their area too!

We reward our customers for paying their bills on-time, and we also want to give them the same level of choice for their reward. That’s why we offer 5 different rewards programs. With the standard Bounce Energy Rewards Program, you begin earning rewards after you make 6 consecutive on-time bill payments (and then with every installment of 6 more consecutive on-time bill payments, and you can choose rewards like movie tickets, gift cards, or bill credits, and then all the way up to a free month of electricity and a 3% discount on future bills. There’s also American Airlines AAdvantage Rewards Program, American Express Membership Rewards Program, our Cash Back Rewards Program that earns you 3% cask back from your electricity bill, and the new Mommy Merits that rewards Moms with movie and museum tickets or gift cards.

Pennsylvania customers can choose one of seven different Rewards Program options: Travel Rewards, Movie Lover Rewards, Electronics Rewards, Grocery Rewards, Sports Rewards, Shoppers Rewards, and Dining Rewards. You will have the opportunity to select a reward with every 6 bill payments you make, regardless of the Rewards Program you have selected. After you make 6 bill payments, you’ll have your choice of a $25 Gift Card within your Rewards Program selection, and after you make 12 bill payments, you’ll have your choice of a $50 Gift Card with your Rewards Program selection.

Find Us Online
Sure, you can call or mail a letter. But since starting out in 2008, Bounce Energy has supplied multiple online channels for customers to communicate with them. Consumers learn about Bounce Energy’s plans and rewards, signed up for a plan, and manage their MyAccount information all through our award-winning website. We also help our customers learn how to make their dollars go further through our Bounce Energy Blog, Project Greenify, and our YouTube channel. You can also interact with us through social networking sites like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook.

The Bounce Energy Promise
We stand by our product in every possible way, and there’s no greater evidence of this than our “Bounce Energy Promise.” The core of the Promise includes:

  • No Deceptive or Unnecessary Fees
  • You Can Communicate with Us However You Like
  • We’ll Work Hard to Keep You as a Customer
  • We’re Local
  • We’ll Work with You

We want you to BE satisfied with Bounce Energy. Contact us today so that our Customer Service Representatives can help you in any way possible.

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