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Bounce Energy job openings

We’re Hiring! New Job Openings at Bounce Energy

  Looking for a new career in the new year? We want to invite you over to the Bounce Energy careers page to see if we can provide you the change of pace you are looking for. As a growing retail energy provider, we are currently looking for energetic, ambitious, and [...]

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Bounce Energy's Thrilling 36 Plan

Introducing the New Bounce Energy Thrilling 36 Plan Now Available in Texas

Most people prefer the stability of a good fixed-rate electricity plan. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll be locking a fixed rate for your electricity usage for a specific amount of time. And since your rate won’t change, you can then focus on managing your [...]

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Celebrate the Mayan Apocalypse with Bounce Energy and Earn Free Electricity

According to those infallible Mayans and their “Mesoamerican Long Calendar,” December 21st, 2012 should bring about the apocalypse. The End of Days. The End Times. The Day of Judgment. Ragnarök. Depending upon your outlook, the day will be marked by a variety of horses [...]

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Refer your friends and get a $75 bill credit

Limited Time Offer: Earn Even More When You Refer Friends Now Through January 31st

Bounce Energy regularly touts and promotes its Refer-A-Friend program – and for good reason. It’s one of the most comprehensive and rewarding programs in the energy industry for two primary reasons: both the referring and referred customers are eligible for a reward, and [...]

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How Much Are My Christmas Lights Going To Cost Me?

In days of yore, Christmas lights came in strings of 25 bulbs, each as big as a child's fist. When they didn't light up, ol' Dad would spend a solid hour with a box of spares finding the bad one. That set lasted years. And then your parents got their first artifical tree. [...]

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12 Days of Christmas - $50 Airline Gift Card

12 Days of Bouncemas: Day 12 – a $50 Airlines Gift Card

On the twelfth day of Bouncemas, Bounce Energy gave to me … a $50 airline Gift Card. If you’re wondering by today’s introduction didn’t rhyme like the 11 other days did, you try finding a word that rhymes with “me” that pertains to a gift card about air trav [...]

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Bounce's 12 Days of Christmas promo - Day 11

12 Days of Bouncemas: Day 11 – Bill Credits with HVAC Warranty

On the eleventh day of Bouncemas, Bounce Energy gave to me … Bill Credits for an HVAC Warranty. What is this "HVAC," you might ask? It is the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system that regulates the flow and temperature of the air in your home. And for Texas [...]

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Our gift-giving guide roundup!

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season With Our Gift Giving Guides!

It's close to crunch time for buying those holiday gifts with Christmas just around the corner. While there are some amazing people who buy all their gifts before Thanksgiving, most of us are probably still scrambling around looking for the perfect last-minute gifts for [...]

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12 Days of Bouncemas - Day 9

12 Days of Bouncemas: Day 9 – No Customer Service Fees and a Chance for Extra Gift cards

On the ninth day of Bouncemas Bounce Energy gave to cards and a chance to get a plan without a fee! We're on day 9 of our "12 days of Bouncemas" giveaway which means there are only 3 days of Bouncemas left to score great deals and cheap electricity! Today's [...]

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Bounce Energy's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 8

12 Days of Bouncemas: Day 8 – A Sweepstakes Drawing for Electronics

On the eighth day of Bouncemas, Bounce Energy gave to me … a chance to win a game system and a nice TV (or iPad). Let’s be honest – we all like getting nice things for no reason at all, but since that doesn’t happen very often, we tend to buy the nicest things for [...]

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