“Be” Series: BE Smart with Bounce Energy

By Adam P. Newton, December 7, 2012, News

BE Smart with Bounce Energy!

If you’re a Houston or Dallas resident, you may have seen some of our billboards around town – they’re bright orange and electric blue in hue. We have several different ones currently up – BE Cool, BE Rewarded, and BE Satisfied for instance – each focusing on a unique factor that sets Bounce Energy apart from its competitors. In this installment of our series, we’re going to focus on how you can BE Smart with Bounce Energy.

At Bounce, we wholeheartedly believe that customers should have the power to choose what company they want as their retail electricity provider, but in order to exercise that power properly, it helps to be informed as best as possible. We feel that being smart begins with having access to the right information and then knowing how to apply it properly. Thus, it’s easy to be smart with Bounce Energy because we provide a wealth of knowledge to our customers – both potential and current – about all facets of our company.

First of all, there’s the Bounce Energy Promise. We know that you want to be smart with your electricity decisions, so Bounce wants to respect your intelligence by being as transparent as possible with you, whether it’s in regards to billing, communication, promotion, or quality of Customer Service.

Second, we have our new Weekly Usage Summary e-mails. These are sent to many of our customers that have an AMS Smart Meter at their service address and contain a range of information about the amount of electricity used in daily, weekly, and monthly installments, complete with an estimate of what your next balance might be. If you haven’t received these e-mails from Bounce but do have an AMS Smart Meter at your home or business, you can register your meter here in order to track your usage. The more information you have about how electricity is consumed at your home or business, the smarter the decisions you can make about how to implement energy-saving measures.

Third, many customers make excellent use of their Bounce Energy MyAccount. This personalized web portal gives you access to all of your account information, ranging from billing and payment history, and usage tracking to your rate and contract details. You can also be smart in MyAccount by referring your friends to Bounce Energy and learning about the products we offer for your home or business. If you’re on the go all the time, you can even check your MyAccount information easily on your smartphone (both iPhone and Android)!

And finally, it’s easy to be smart with Bounce because we provide one of the widest and most diverse assortments of electricity plan options in the market. There’s something here for everyone, especially those of you with discerning tastes in what you want and need from your electricity provider. For Residential customers, we offer various short-term and long-term fixed-rate plans, green energy plans for those of you who prefer renewable energy, and variable-rate plans with low introductory rates or caps on how much that rate can vary from bill-to-bill. For Business customers, we have 12-month and 24-month plans that use regular or green energy, as well as variable-rate plans and the ability to set up Continuous Service Agreements for apartment complexes.

In general, Bounce Energy makes it easy to be smart with your electricity choices because we want you to be as informed as possible so that you can make the decision that’s right for you. We also have Customer Service representatives available over the phone, e-mail, chat, Facebook, and Twitter ready and willing to answer your questions about on our plans, rewards, promotions, and more.

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