Exploring Your Bounce Energy MyAccount: Billing and Payment

By Adam P. Newton, January 18, 2013, FAQs, News

iStock_000000492230XSmallIn an era where the smartphone you own is more powerful than the computer that got Apollo 11 to the Moon in 1969, Bounce Energy is always on the lookout for ways to connect with our customers where they are in their lives. This is why we find our MyAccount so important: we want customers to have access to their account information at all times and in ways that make sense to them. In this new series, Bounce Energy wants to re-introduce its MyAccount platform to our customers – both new and old – in hopes of helping you better utilize this crucial tool.

In this first installment, we will be examining your billing and payment options.

The beauty of MyAccount is that, with a few clicks, you can learn everything you need to know about your service with Bounce Energy. You can view the rate you pay per kWh at your service address, what rewards you’ve earned (or are planning to earn), and how to refer your friends to Bounce. Most importantly, you can view your electricity bills and pay those bills with ease.


To start, you should visit the MyAccount login screen and enter your User Name and Password. If you’re not able to log in, you can click the link for either “Lost User name?” or “Lost Password?” to reclaim that information. You can also speak with a Chat Representative at the Bounce Energy homepage for assistance, send an e-mail to customercare@bounceenergy.com, or call Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 to speak with a Phone Representative.

Viewing Your Bill in MyAccount


Once you’re logged into your MyAccount, you can start by clicking the “View Past Bills and Payments” link that appears in the left-hand sidebar menu. There, in order from newest to oldest, you can view all of your bills. To look at any given bill, you should then click the “View” link next to a corresponding date, and that bill will open up in a new window as a PDF that you can then save to your desktop for later viewing. You can also view our Billing FAQ section to read a range of questions and answers regarding how to understand your Bounce Energy bill.


The “Past Bills” tab details the following for each bill: Due Date, Bill Amount, Total Amount Due, Amount Paid, Amount Unpaid, and Status. Since most customers make a payment each month equal to the exact balance due for a bill, the Bill Amount, Total Amount Due, and Amount Paid columns will always display the same amounts.


If you make payments in different amounts that the balance due for a given bill (whether it’s because of a Payment Arrangement, Deferred Payment Plan, or something else), you can then view the “Past Payments” tab to see the specifics of how you have made payments to Bounce Energy. In that location, you can view payment details that include columns for: Payment Date, Reference Code, Payment Status, Payment Amount, Payment Detail, and Location.

Paying Your Bill in MyAccount


Once you’ve viewed your bill and determined how much you were charged and what those charges entail, you can then pay that bill in your MyAccount as well. You simply need to click the “Pay Your Bill” link found in the left-hand sidebar menu. You will be brought to a simple screen that presents your Minimum Balance Due and your Total Balance Due. You then have 3 payment options available: “Pay My Minimum Balance,” “Pay My Total Balance,” and “Pay Another Amount.” Selecting either of the first two options will then initiate a payment with the credit card that you have on file with Bounce Energy. If you have multiple credit cards on file, you will have to select the card you want to use. If you select the third payment option, you will then have to enter the amount you want to pay and choose the credit card you want to use to make your payment.

In the “Pay Your Bill” screen, you can also be directed to ways to change the credit card you have enrolled in Auto Pay, add another credit card available to make payments, and update the credit card information you have on file. For information on the credit cards you have on file with Bounce Energy, please click the “Payment Methods” link located in the left-hand sidebar menu. There, you can edit and delete the credit cards you have registered with Bounce, as well as add another form of payment.

For Further Assistance

We hope that this MyAccount walk-through has been helpful and informative. Bounce Energy wants to make viewing and paying your bills easy, painless, and stress-free, which is why we also have a great MyAccount app available to download to your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also contact a helpful Customer Service Representative by calling 1-888-452-6862 or sending an e-mail to customercare@bounceenergy.com.

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