Chocolate LED Lamp, Alaskan Brewing Company, World’s Largest Wind Farm, and more Fun Electricity News

By Brooke Drake, February 22, 2013, Energy Efficiency, News

The electricity industry is booming. And with that comes exciting developments being made in areas like renewable resources, air, space, and automobiles. Bounce Energy thought it would be cool to create a series where we share those new and interesting advances being made in the electricity industry. With that being said, here are some neat innovations happening in today’s electricity news.

Chocolate Lamp

There’s an LED Lamp Made From Chocolate that was made to represent a sunrise. It starts off dark, encased in chocolate and once heated from the small amount of heat emitted from the LED, it starts melting the chocolate exterior. As the chocolate melts, it’s collected at the bottom of lamp in chunks that you can eat. Great for chocolate lovers and dinner parties!

In Juneau, Alaska, the Alaskan Brewing Company is doing its part to take care of their community and are doing so by innovating its brewing process and how it uses electricity. The brewery has created a way to use the spent grain from their brewing process as the sole fuel source for a custom-made boiler. This innovation cuts the use of fuel oil in its brewhouse by more than half!

BE - electricity windAfter receiving and matching a $22 million grant, Duke Energy has built the world’s largest wind energy storage system. Located in west Texas at their Notrees wind farm, this 36-megawatt facility uses advanced technology to provide storage for their 153-megawatt renewable energy plant.  Being that this is the largest project of its kind, it will be monitored and studied by the Electric Power Research Institute to see what advancements can be made from this experimental system.

Wish you could make your iPhone 5 battery last longer? Well, with the Mophie Juice Pack Helium, you can. It’s a super thin protective case with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that gives your phone 80% more battery life.  When your phone battery starts running low, just flip the standby switch on the back of the juice pack from red to green to start charging your phone.

NASA developed a “hybrid wing” for airplanes that could drastically reduce fuel consumption looks more like a manta ray rather than the typical “duck” design. This new design will allow future airplanes to use about 50% less gas. Although still 20 years from hitting the market, the article says customers may be able to see technology like this within the next 8-10 yrs.

NASA Hybrid Wing Aircraft

GE has launched “the worlds most efficient wind turbine” that is able to put off highly efficient power output at low wind sites. This new model is the first in its kind to use “the Industrial Internet to help manage the intermittency of wind…”, which will provide dependable energy to its users regardless of the weather or wind level. This wind turbine is set to launch next month in the Netherlands.

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