9 Energy Saving Life Hacks

By Vernon Trollinger, March 26, 2013, Energy Efficiency, Events & Fun, Green, News, Save Money

Life hacks are simple little tricks you can do to make your life easier. Some are just brilliant. Here are 9 things you can try out to help simplify and organize your energy use.

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It’s so simple, but many people forget to do this anyway.



Of course, you may have to turn the TV on and watch HBO until your device is charged.



The humble toilet paper tube employed here as a iPod band-pass speaker box.

Crank it to 11!



This is a great tip I picked up in my stage crew days back in college and passed on to my kids.

We’re all roadies, now.



More toilet paper tube uses: computer peripheral/gadget cord organizer.



Identify and tag all the cords that get easily tangled.

The likely culprits are the areas behind your desk, TV, home theatre, or wherever stash electronics.



Employ those seldom-used binder clips to corral all those computer cables that you use all the time.

Well…sort of use all the time.



Composting your kitchen scraps eliminates garbage odors in your kitchen

and makes for GORGEOUS gardening soil… for free.

Hey – compost happens.



This is a simple open source code project that converts your old Android phone

into smart thermostat with a WiFi connection…

and you can STILL call your mom!

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