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By Adam P. Newton, March 11, 2013, Events & Fun, News, Special Offers

BE - travel rewardsMarch is already here, and that means spring isn’t far behind (yay!). Spring is an amazing time: flowers begin to bloom, the weather warms up (a bit) and best of all there’s Spring Break – the perfect reason to travel! For many, though, traveling for Spring Break isn’t as customary or feasible simply because traveling can be too expensive. However, this travel season, use your Bounce Energy rewards program to help you and your family travel more!

As a Bounce Energy customer, you can take advantage of the various reward opportunities that can actually help Texans, Pennsylvanians, and New Yorkers travel more. Here’s how:

Pennsylvania and New York Rewards Programs
By signing up with Bounce Energy in Pennsylvania or New York, you choose one of 7 outstanding rewards programs sure to fit your needs. You can choose from the following options: Travel Rewards, Movie Lovers Rewards, Electronic Rewards, Grocery Rewards, Sports Rewards, Shoppers Rewards, and Dining Rewards. Each program offering gift cards from a variety of popular businesses. After your 6th bill is paid, you’ll receive your choice of a $25 gift card with your rewards program. 6 months later, after you’ve paid the 12th bill, you’ll have your choice of a $50 gift card. The cycle repeats itself over and over again every 6 months, which means you earn rewards all year long. Since we’re coming up on travel season, make sure to sign up for the Travel Rewards program and start earning your travel rewards today! By enrolling in the Travel Rewards program, you get your choice of gift card from Southwest, United, American, JetBlue, Starwood, Marriott, or Wyndham, which will help pay for your next trip.

Texas Rewards
Bounce Energy customers in Texas can also choose one of 5 different rewards program when signing up with Bounce Energy. For those looking to travel, here are the rewards that will help get you there!

  • American Airlines AAdvantage Miles. With this program, members earn 1 AAdvantage mile for each dollar you spend on your Bounce Energy bill – as long as it is paid on-time. Members can redeem AAdvantage miles for flights to almost 950 destinations worldwide in addition to flight upgrades, vacation packages, car rentals, hotel stays and more.
  • American Express Membership Rewards. When selecting this rewards program, cardholders can earn 2x American Express points each month when using your AMEX card to pay your Bounce Energy electricity bill. American Express points can be redeemed towards flights, hotel stays and services, car rental, travel packages, family entertainment, and more!
  • 3%Cash Back Rewards. Pay your bill on-time and get 3% cash back on your electricity bill each month. The cash back will be awarded in the form of a bill credit, and the money saved can be contributed monthly to a travel fund. It’ll be bon voyage in no time!

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