Cooling your Home Effectively: 5 Air Conditioner System Myths Debunked (Guest Blog by Polansky Heating & Air)

By Guest Blogger, May 20, 2013, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

Cooling your Home Effectively: 5 Air Conditioner System Myths Debunked Guest Blog with Bounce EnergyWhen it comes to your HVAC system, there are a lot of myths floating around, ranging from ideas about how your air conditioner should run it to how it should be maintained. Thus, since it’s important to know which ones are true and which are bunk so that your electricity bill doesn’t skyrocket, here are the top five myths about your HVAC system, and why you should ignore the bad advice.

#1 – Set the air for a lower temperature if you really want to cool the house faster. False!

This one makes sense on the surface, but your air conditioner really doesn’t work this way. The HVAC system works by taking hot air and replacing it with cold air. It works at the same speed whether you are trying to cool the home by five degrees or fifteen. The same is true in the winter when you turn the furnace on. Setting the heat for a higher level does not magically make the furnace work harder or heat the home any faster.

#2 – Get a bigger system for better efficiency. False!

Not only is this myth false, it can actually cost you a small fortune. When the air conditioner is too large for the square footage it’s supposed to cool, it cools the home too quickly and shuts then down before it can start dehumidifying the air. You will eventually wind up with a very cool but damp environment, and that can be miserable (and bad for your health). Additionally, the system will cycle on and off rapidly, and this only wears down the components faster and causes your electricity bill to increase because of all that cycling.

#3 – Keep registers and doors open throughout the home to create the perfect home temperature. False!

Cooling your Home Effectively: 5 Air Conditioner System Myths Debunked Guest Blog with Bounce EnergyThere’s absolutely no reason to cool or heat rooms that aren’t being used. Conditioned air will be pushed through any open vent, so it’s better to close off the vents to rooms you aren’t using and force that air back to the areas you are using. Close the doors to maximize efficiency and reduce energy usage. If possible, put a draft dodger under the door to further isolate the unused space.

#4 – Use fans to make the air conditioner more effective. False!

Your HVAC system uses a specific pattern of air flow throughout the home to operate. Running a fan actually disrupts that flow and can cause more harm than good. In general, there’s no reason to run fans, so save a little money and leave all the fans off. People often run ceiling fans believing that they will distribute the air through the home, but this only drives up your electricity bill unnecessarily. [Editor’s Note: If you want to use fans in your home, that’s an OK idea too, but you should probably turn off your air conditioner first.]

#5 – Air conditioners pull a lot of energy. True & False!

This one is both true and false. It’s true that your air conditioner does pull a lot of energy, but is the problem you’re facing related to your air conditioner or to your poorly insulated house? The simple fact is this: It doesn’t cost nearly as much to cool a well-insulated house as it does to cool a drafty one. People are often tempted to leave windows open and just use ceiling fans to stay comfortable instead of overusing their air conditioner and running up their electricity bill. Unfortunately, this does nothing for the humidity, the temperature won’t cool very much, and those ceiling fans could wind up costing as much to run as the air conditioner. Before you resign yourself to warm temperatures and decide you cannot afford to use the air conditioner, consider making changes around the house to make it more energy efficient.

These myths cost people a great deal of money and frustration every year. However, you don’t have to believe the myths any more. Close off unused rooms, invest in the proper sized HVAC system, and turn off the fans to enjoy a home that’s the perfect temperature throughout the year, complete with a reasonable electricity bill.

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  1. Morgan says:

    It’s so nice to see these myths being debunked! It’s important to understand how our air conditioners work in order to get the most out of them.

    #1 is a big myth. I used to see people turn their air WAY up or WAY down dependent on the temp, and it would just run & run & run. It was torture!

    Really great tips!

  2. Air Conditioning East Sussex says:

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  3. Steve Veach says:

    The #1 gets me. I do AC work in Chicago/Miami and the customers always think that if they set the tstat lower the air will come out colder. Nope! the tstat just controls when the compressor will cycle on and off. It runs till the temp get to the temp setting on the tstat.

    heating & ac in Chicago

  4. Steve Veach says:

    awesome article.
    hvac chicago

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